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  1. amandanotsuitcase

    Eugene, Oregon

    Ahoy-hoy ! So... after a wikkid bad case of MRSA, a CRAZY fling, and multiple deaths in the family... here I am in Eugene. I'm livin with da 'rents for a few months til I bail for Morocco, and I'm really, really bored. PLEASE HANG OUT WITH ME ! That is all :)
  2. amandanotsuitcase

    Whiskey drunk and ranting from the heart

    My computer doesn't have a breathalizer lock, so everybody suffers ! BWAHAHA ! Ok, so I'm 37 years old. I'm not the best looking chic in the world, I'll never be a Suicide Girls model, but I've got all the right stuff in the right places, and people always tell me I have the ever-popular "great...
  3. amandanotsuitcase

    possibly the most annoying two people I've ever met

    Sucuri was saying in another thread how annoying the "gap year backpackers" are. That reminded me of a story from my Middle East days, which I figured I would share cuz it's 3:30 am and I'm at work with nothing to do. So... I used to work with a grassroots NGO in Palestine which was all about...
  4. amandanotsuitcase

    halloween costume ?

    Izzy from the Love and Rockets comics ! Best costume idea EVER ! But then I realized "oh shit... I'm a million years old... nobody would get this." It's not fun if you have to explain it all night :( So, it's poll time. Who here knows who Izzy from the Love and Rockets comics is ?
  5. amandanotsuitcase

    any kids in Seattle need a roomie ?

    Ahoy-hoy all... I was wondering if any of you in Seattle need a roomie, or know somebody who needs one. It's not for me... I've got my sweet live-in gig. It's for my homie. He randomly ended up with a job he likes, wants to stop travelling for a while, but he's having a hell of a time finding a...
  6. amandanotsuitcase

    Fuq El Corazon

    Seriously... I have had enough of their bullshit. It's a bar ! People WILL GET DRUNK ! You shouldn't kick people out unless they're "asshole drunk". What is the logic in declaring me (sweet and apologetic drunk) "too drunk" to get back in the venue and look for my wallet ? We need to straight up...