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  1. plagueship

    Decent cheap Mandolin

    you probably will need to reposition the bridge to adjust the intonation, because it kinda needs to be done by hand and usually never is when you get a cheap-o from a factory. the harmonic at the middle of the string should sound the same note as the string fretted on the 12th fret, ie the...
  2. plagueship

    All that BullShit about the collapse of Civilization

    what in the fuck is debt or inflation supposed to have to do with civilization? these are abstract values fixed in a certain way at a certain time by a particular phase of society. if anything you're talking about a horizon faced by capitalist civilization, not civilization per se. only it's not...
  3. plagueship

    Who here writes music?

    i haven't been too focused on playing or writing music with lyrics for the past year or so, but i used to be. and i agree it is tough as hell. i think part of the reason i stopped has to do with embarrassment about how emo and personal some of the things i put out there were, and i reflected on...
  4. plagueship

    I bought a decent cheap-o violin for $20.

    no problem! good luck, enjoy, etc.!
  5. plagueship

    Decent cheap Mandolin

    i feel like the hard case is probably worth it. not a fun way to spend money, but neither is repairing or replacing the instrument - such a cheap one could probably crack fairly easily, and then it's junk...maybe you can find a used one? if you are really set on DIYing it, you could do a double...
  6. plagueship

    I bought a decent cheap-o violin for $20.

    oh yeah and also about bowing... most common rookie mistake is holding the bow like a fucking sword and kind of rotating it relative to the no no... watch yourself in a mirror and make sure you are going straight! also your fingers + thumb should make kinda like a tunnel, not out...
  7. plagueship

    I bought a decent cheap-o violin for $20.

    i will give you a little advice based on how i got started, hope it helps: at first you should completely separate your left and right hand practice, which is to say roughly, fretting and bowing. if you played guitar or uke or something before this that will help because you can hold the...
  8. plagueship

    Albequrque New Mexico @ Big D's

    so.........where do the punk/folk shows and shit go down in this town?
  9. plagueship

    Learning the mandolin

    obviously it depends what you want to do (what sort of music etc), but i think if you're competent on guitar and bass, that will serve you well - mando is a great easy lil thing to fuck with if you've got some string knowledge already. the main 'special technique' it has is that tremolo picking...
  10. plagueship

    Fast paced folk shit.

    slightly off topic, but since when is any and all acoustic music 'folk'? i realize the meaning of the term has been somewhat vague since the 60s or so, but i often think of what the members of the band rosa (who released an album on plan-it-x) said: we aren't a 'folk punk' band, we aren't sure...
  11. plagueship

    Explain why you don't like cops?

    hey idiot, here's a better question - explain why you like cops?
  12. plagueship

    Let's talk accordion

    Does anyone play? How did you learn? What kind of music do you play? If you travel with it, how on earth do you do it? As for me, I picked it up after playing klezmer and 'folk punk' (whatever that means) on strings for a couple years, and by imitating someone else who's also self-taught and...
  13. plagueship

    Anyone out there like folk music?

    uh, me. the crow quill night owls are my latest obsession in this vein:
  14. plagueship

    How did you leave?

    in the middle of high school, in the middle of the night, i actually did that dumb old trick where you put pillows in the bed to make it look like you're there. then i rode my bike to the interstate and started hitching. i was so fucking naive then, it's pretty amazing i didn't get arrested. i...
  15. plagueship

    [Jul 1, 2013] National Rainbow Gathering (Montana)

    Ok fuck it I'm near Boise already. Who wants a ride? 4133864232
  16. plagueship

    ear stretching

    Thanks for the article and thoughts all. I don't really agree with a lot of the article - people in the body mod scene often like to be huge know it alls and act like anyone who doesn't do exactly what they say is gonna get super fucked up. I have tried ptfe and it got super destroyed by...
  17. plagueship

    ear stretching

    i have stretched my ears a couple times using electrical tape. has anyone else done this or maybe something similar that doesn't involve weird tapery things and/or going to a shop? do you think it's better to stretch a tiny bit every day or let em relax for a bit and then increase by more at a...
  18. plagueship

    Art is a Weapon

    not clear to me what the point is - to feel sorry for 'lower-middle-class' types that have lost their footing? to create images of the decay of capitalism? to show that foreclosure is 'bad'?
  19. plagueship

    I want to learn some Blackbird Raum songs...

    move to santa cruz, become a pretentious crusty, get an obscure instrument and scream unintelligibly over it
  20. plagueship

    washtub bass

    cool, yo. playing along with the stereo is going ok but it's totally trial and error. i suppose it would have helped if i had played bass before. i was surprised to find next to nothing by googling "physics of washtub bass" so i may have to write a little paper of my own on the subject!
  21. plagueship

    washtub bass

    not very easy to travel with i guess, but it seemed like some people on here might have some experience with it. i just built one recently and have been messing around with it a little. any helpful pointers?
  22. plagueship

    how do you find free places to camp?

    hm thanks... i was thinking more about trying to find places to actually camp, like with gear. sorry, i should have made that clearer
  23. plagueship

    Anyone know any good books about revolution?

    omg really, no one 2nding TCI?? let me plug it a little more descriptively: i would put this on a level with society of the spectacle and kapital (two books also worth reading, btw, well, at least SoS). the coming insurrection is sort of a watering down of the ideas of the tiqqun collective who...
  24. plagueship

    how do you find free places to camp?

    i've never rubber tramped for an extended period before but am considering doing so soon. i don't really want to live in walmart parking lots and it would be nice to save money on camping fees. any general strategies/thoughts for finding good places to park for a night without getting some kind...
  25. plagueship

    What instruments do you play?

    banjo, fiddle, and guitar pretty decent, mando and accordion kinda basically. i recently built a washtub bass and just started screwing around with it
  26. plagueship

    hey i just saw your post. don't know if i ever got back to you. i'm near greenfield. what's up?

    hey i just saw your post. don't know if i ever got back to you. i'm near greenfield. what's up?
  27. plagueship

    Anyone know any good books about revolution?

    'the coming insurrection' is the only one worth reading
  28. plagueship

    live for free and garden in rural western new england

    hey sorry to anyone who messaged me about this last year and it didn't work out, i actually have been living across the river for the past year but the house is mine now and for the next few years at least. i'm holding down the fort solo at the moment, but my partner will be around soon; anyone...
  29. plagueship

    Savannah, GA

    thanks for the info everyone! i'm looking forward to it. bryan, thanks for the thought, we have a house to stay at though. synth, don't take it the wrong way but i gotta ask, do you think the permit law is enforced on everyone all the time or like, maybe more just on really crusty looking people...
  30. plagueship

    The Unsafe Space Policy

    beating people up will only teach them not to hang out with anyone who might oppose their sexism/racism/etc. it might make you feel good, but all you're doing is making it someone else's problem. a lot of people say ignorant shit because of how they were raised and conditioned, and being in the...
  31. plagueship

    Savannah, GA

    house shows? places to busk? etc sorry, edit button not working. and i did hear about the open container law.
  32. plagueship

    Savannah, GA

    going to be there in a week or two, don't know much about it...
  33. plagueship

    Boston squat? Anyone know of one?

    western mass is where it's at
  34. plagueship

    question for the opposing class

    hell no. what is this 'class' you're talking about? pls define.
  35. plagueship

    Hey, Taz there anyone from Massachusetts?

    me, i am in western mass
  36. plagueship

    DIY / Traditional Tattoos

    vonuist - that's beautiful and very inspiring! not just the result or the time but the creativity of the method. what do people use for other colors? i've only ever used india ink, which seems to come in only black. how does colored acrylic ink work? another question i have has to do with...
  37. plagueship

    The 99% doesn't mean anything to us....We are the 0%!!!!

    this might be a good time to have a second look at that book 'the coming insurrection' which was written by some extremely nerdy euro radicals about the kinds of protest movements they saw coming out of the economic crisis that was then just starting, and about the kinds of choices they would...
  38. plagueship

    hey, thanks for your comment in my circus(/etc) thread. i replied. the short version would be...

    hey, thanks for your comment in my circus(/etc) thread. i replied. the short version would be that i live in western mass and you should drop me a line if you ever get nearby...
  39. plagueship

    circuses, medicine shows, etc

    wow carnytrash, thanks for that! i'm sorry for not being clearer: i'm not really thinking about this in terms of livelihood; it would be nice to make a little extra income, but since i have already hit upon a rent-free stable lifestyle, i'm thinking of it more in terms of a fulfilling creative...
  40. plagueship

    E. C. Storm stories?

    here in w. mass it just rained for about 36 hours straight. there was some serious wind, a tree fell on the property and a bunch of the garden got wrecked, and a lot of roads are closed around here due to downed trees and/or flooding. tomorrow is actually supposed to be the cresting of the CT...
  41. plagueship

    Anarchy is

    my last post was a lil simplistic, but looking at this thread again reminded me of something. i know foucault gets written off as another wordy, pretentious, french philosopher type guy, but what i've read in his extensive works on 'power' includes some of the most insightful thoughts on the...
  42. plagueship

    Feminism discuss

    ok, so just to drop some science here, the original post was just the flyer and the words "feminism discuss" and op's reaction to it. so i assumed an implied punctuation mark and thought along the lines of "(here is an instance of punk-relevant) feminism (that i had some thoughts about; let's)...
  43. plagueship

    Feminism discuss

    well, it's a flyer about gendered behavior at punk shows.... obviously i realize it isn't just about those 2 hypothetical actions i mentioned in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner, and there is nothing subtle about the flyer. you haven't explained how attacking men/parents counteracts the 'subtle...
  44. plagueship

    Growing a beard

    you just gotta ride out the itching. i don't know about bathing with sand but i wash mine with soap and/or shampoo on a regular basis or else it gets greasy/itchy/gross. i also trim it a little here and there so that the overall shape stays nice for my follicle pattern
  45. plagueship

    Feminism discuss

    huh, that's funny because i didn't say that or anything like it, it has almost nothing to do with what i ACTUALLY said - if you knew how to read the english language - and you're not addressing anything i said except with "STFU". i specifically said i don't identify with the people being...
  46. plagueship

    Feminism discuss

    also boca, i don't really think that rape or war is caused by biology, but maybe there's no REAL distinction. in any case i don't agree with some of your generalizations. for instance in some of the punk scenes, and especially the pc punk circles that i have been around, people can be very quick...
  47. plagueship

    Feminism discuss

    author says specifically there is no REAL distinction between good and bad boys. so i guess all "boys" just basically might as well be considered "bad"? and so are all our parents? cool. these are the kinds of things that seriously turn me off from feminist rants and people like gudj even...
  48. plagueship

    harvests in spring?

    in the spring? how about the southern hemisphere of the earth? that might be a good place to look for harvests.
  49. plagueship

    STP treehouse commune?

    if you want to build a treeehouse commune in the woods near my house that's probably cool. just dont steal from me!