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  1. Fungus

    These miniature storm shelters are legit

    Ive never noticed them on the road before. Butdown here in Tuscaloosa AL I managed to find one. Sent from my LG-K540 using the Squat the Planet mobile app!
  2. Fungus

    I cant escape Tuscaloosa

    Been trying to leave 2 days hitchhiking. No train yards near me. Nothing. Bitter end Sent from my LG-K540 using the Squat the Planet mobile app!
  3. Fungus

    Any you scrubs own motorcycles

    I do, so do most ppl i kick it with, all home bodies not about that travelin life. 45mpg, easy/cheap to maintain, fast, sexy, preferred.
  4. Fungus

    Phish 2012 Tour - Leg 2

    I may be a little late, but I've finally got some of mine ordered. Lakewood, Charlotte, St. Louis, Oklahoma City so far Those were obvious choices due to close proximity, but I still have some others I haven't decided on.
  5. Fungus

    Does anyone own the Nikon AW100 Coolpix? I'm considering getting one and don't know if it's worth all that? $349 Is just the suggested retail price displayed on the website. I'm seeing it for $249.
  6. Fungus

    Withdrawal Birthday

    Kill me mama, cause it's a comin'. Catatonia, DT's, panic attacks, depression, depersonalization, hypertension, diaphoresis, psychosis, nausea/vomiting, migraines. "Leave that red whiskey alone, give that paulsey on ya' bones - But the coke is what's gonna really getcha - hope you don't seize"...
  7. Fungus

    $1,000 for an ambulance ride to the ER?

    Would've rather died. I've never been in a situation where i didn't want an ambulance, but the police force me to get to the hospital immediately via ambulance. I don't see where this whopping fee accumulates.
  8. Fungus

    Broken zipper on Field & Stream mummy bag - Need guidance

    Anyone know good articles on the best way to reattach a zipper to a sleeping bag? Is there services like that generally offered at dry-cleaners or other establishments? The things fucking worthless at this time of year.