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  1. plagueship

    Let's talk accordion

    Does anyone play? How did you learn? What kind of music do you play? If you travel with it, how on earth do you do it? As for me, I picked it up after playing klezmer and 'folk punk' (whatever that means) on strings for a couple years, and by imitating someone else who's also self-taught and...
  2. plagueship

    ear stretching

    i have stretched my ears a couple times using electrical tape. has anyone else done this or maybe something similar that doesn't involve weird tapery things and/or going to a shop? do you think it's better to stretch a tiny bit every day or let em relax for a bit and then increase by more at a...
  3. plagueship

    washtub bass

    not very easy to travel with i guess, but it seemed like some people on here might have some experience with it. i just built one recently and have been messing around with it a little. any helpful pointers?
  4. plagueship

    how do you find free places to camp?

    i've never rubber tramped for an extended period before but am considering doing so soon. i don't really want to live in walmart parking lots and it would be nice to save money on camping fees. any general strategies/thoughts for finding good places to park for a night without getting some kind...
  5. plagueship

    Savannah, GA

    going to be there in a week or two, don't know much about it...
  6. plagueship

    class 'privilege'

    dear assholes: the point of this thread is NOT to deny race, gender or other forms of privilege or to attack any other notions of of individualized identity. in fact i won't even come back to check on this thread. at all. i simply want to encourage people to talk about this, and i wonder where...
  7. plagueship

    on open/closed relationships

    what do you think of this? i have often recommend this to people who ask me about non-monogamy because it comes closer than anything else i've read to reflecting my own opinions on the subject. don't worry about the political parts, that's not really the point...
  8. plagueship

    what's with all these right-wing anarchists?

    i used to know some left-anarchists who thought they could dialogue with tea party/anarcho-capitalist/free state/etc types in such a way to draw them further into anti-authoritarianism as opposed to mere anti-statism. as much as i think a lot of the things that a lot of left anarchists are about...
  9. plagueship

    circuses, medicine shows, etc

    a few friends of mine and i have been talking about starting a "circus", or more accurately some kind of multi-faceted d.i.y. performance troupe. i've known or seen people that traveled and combined busking and/or house shows with fire dancing, acrobatics, dance, puppetry, selling moonshine and...
  10. plagueship

    Cape Cod

    i really kinda want to go to cape cod later this summer, camp on the outer cape, busk in provincetown, drink some beer on the beach. anyone ever bummed it there?
  11. plagueship

    i don't suppose anyone will be interested in this

    but i am definitely going to crash this ren faire thing up the road from me.
  12. plagueship is an awesome site.

    basically you download a client that keeps track of whatever you listen to and based on that it shows you bands you might like and users who have similar tastes. it's also just like a huge wiki that links bands, cities, band members, genres, events, etc. i've found out about so much cool music...
  13. plagueship

    live for free and garden in rural western new england

    i'm a little hesitant to post this, since i feel like my constraints on this might be sort of narrow, but i think this could potentially be a really good opportunity for someone (or a couple people) on here, and could possibly be beneficial to myself and the other residents on the property as...
  14. plagueship

    dumb traveler names

    inspired by widerstand's offhand remark in another thread... i know i've heard so many over the years, but i can't remember that many, probably because they the people who used them were so stupid they weren't worth remembering, and also because it was years ago mostly. but nevertheless i...
  15. plagueship

    rural/postindustrial new england

    i have recently returned to the land of my roots, in order to be near my family and help them out, and also to complete my education so i don't have to be a broke toothless bum drinking under a bridge forever. i still have love for the nomad kids though and i wish more would come out this...