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  1. CdCase123

    East (coast) vs West (coast)

    which do you like better and why? - easier to get around west, but east feels more like home for me out east.
  2. CdCase123

    college towns

    does anybody know of any college towns they can recommend which are easy to bum around? i usually like college towns and campuses in general. I hear good things about lawrence, KS and chapel hill, NC. I already know about the whole berkeley, arcata, asheville and austin scene, etc. thanks
  3. CdCase123

    community college

    hi. i am currently enrolled in a community college in illinois where I live with my parents. I have been going to school here for the past year studying hard and obtaining good marks. I generally like school and am interested in the material very much. my dilemma is that lately i have been...
  4. CdCase123

    bank accounts

    anybody have any suggestions as to setting up a bank account? one that would be (needless to say) suitable for the traveling lifestyle, both within the US and/or internationally. I am trying to save up money - (here in the US) - for future international travel and anything involving finance...
  5. CdCase123


    for those of you that have jobs and hate them. tell us how and why you do. i recently just got a new one. trying to save up more for international travel. its not bad. i just dont like the thought of memorizing a million different menu items and interacting with costumers. sweeping and...
  6. CdCase123

    fuck you interstates

    as shitty as this article makes it out to be, i think this would be very interesting/fun Worst road in the world?…Australia? The Tanami Road – The Northern Myth pretty damn different then anything you'll find here when you put into perspective the size and isolation!
  7. CdCase123

    how about

    places you like most? and why
  8. CdCase123


    hey, for all you folks away from the city and light pollution, get your asses outside tonight and look out for the perseids meteor shower! (aug 11 & 12)
  9. CdCase123

    Mt Baker HWY 542

    Anyone know how possible it would be to hitchhike this highway to the end of the highway to Mt Baker? To my understanding, Whatcom transit (bless it) can take me as far east as Kendall, WA. From there its pretty much straight forward to Artist Point. I'm assuming the traffic in this area would...
  10. CdCase123


    I'm currently reading Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything and just had to share this mindblowing piece from it. I have little faith that it will generate enthusiastic response but whatever: Spacetime is usually explained by asking you to imagine something flat but pliant-a...
  11. CdCase123

    futurama sample music/stealing music?

    i remember watching an episode of futurama a long time ago, where fry learns to play some wind instrument, i forgot the name, but anyhow, a tune he plays in the episode sounded extremly fammiliar and i couldnt put my finger on it untill sometime later when i realized that it is identical to the...
  12. CdCase123

    refined sugar

    i thought this was hilariously/disturbingly interesting: Sugar just wanted to share.
  13. CdCase123

    Sugar Beet harvest

    anyone have experience working for this? How did the application process go about? season starts around mid september. I rememember a bunch of people in minneapolis jumping ship up to the red river valley for it last year. thanks
  14. CdCase123

    Eastern USA wilderness

    hi. i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to good regions east of the Mississippi for camping and wilderness exploring. i am currently in asheville and the smokies out here are treating me well. i am thinking of heading to shenandoah but that seems a little to populated for my...
  15. CdCase123

    Interesting fact

    The distance a soldier walks every six hours, decreases 1 mile for every 10 pounds carried over 40 pounds. recently found that out. had to share.
  16. CdCase123

    the hitch

    Link Community Development [ Events - Hitch ] The Morocco/Prague Hitch is LCD’s biggest fundraising event and the world's largest organised hitch, and occurs every Easter holiday with students from universities across the UK taking part. It began in 1991 with Prague being added in 2003[2]...
  17. CdCase123

    remote Chinese school

    Gulu village school in China requires students have nerves of steel! 22MOON.COM poor kids. i still cant help but be in awe of the scenery though.
  18. CdCase123

    border patrol checkpoints

    recently i was riding in the passanger seat of a car when we went through a border patrol checkpoint way up on the 111 north of Niland. Anyways they asked us for ID and i didnt have any, so the cocksucker detained me while my ride waited for me. the computers werent working so they couldnt take...
  19. CdCase123

    niland to needles, CA

    Does anyone know if it is *possible* to hitchhike from Niland to Needles relatively easy? To my understanding taking the 111 south to the 78 then northeast would be the most direct route, but it seems like these are very desolate/seldom travelled roads, or am I wrong? would it be easier to go...
  20. CdCase123

    tap water new orleans

    probobly going to ride the sunset EBD later in the year. any suggestions for drinking water in the new orleans area. is it unsafe to drink sinkwater in the NOLA area? if so, how does one go about aquiring some for free? thanks
  21. CdCase123


    im thinkin of heading out to california. Anyone out there? I'm thinking of san fransisco, but anywhere is fine. I've been trampin a bit, and i feel like come out west.