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  1. jonahxx

    Anyone knows some cool people,collectives infoshop in dallas tx

    I have a2 frieds that r goin there but they dont know anything about that place not even a place to stay, any recommendastions, advices ifo would b really appreciatte it thanx
  2. jonahxx

    Anyone can give me an advise on frostbite on feet

    I got frostbite cuz mainly by riding thistrain in the snow soak wet for 4 days i wasnt able to walk at all but now its been 2 weeks and i can use myright foot not the left one the left one still sweeling and kinda painful i can feel my nerves go crazy sometimes im so tired to b sitting...
  3. jonahxx

    Ok i wanna go to hawaii on a cargo ship, anyone knows how?

    i been thinkin about doin this for the last 4 months now does anyone know anyuthing about goin to hawaii on a cargoship i hear froim sf is easy anyone will b insterested to come along and c whats up?? i need some advice