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  1. vannevar

    Education Vs. Travel?

    lol whatd you do to get in trouble??!!
  2. vannevar

    Hey yah Fine Folks

    hey :)
  3. vannevar

    winter prep

    negative. pads can overheat and burn people/animals. leaving anything on while youre away, no. thats how fires start.
  4. vannevar

    What the fuck are these ?

    those look like ant or maybe spider
  5. vannevar

    Trapped in a prison of my mind.

    this is called ‘learned helplessness’. Read Viktor Frankl’s “Mans Search for Meaning”.
  6. vannevar

    Hello, new here

    hi :)
  7. vannevar

    this was one for the books

    oh yea, mr antonio banderass :D i got one to compete. i hitched through harpers ferry wv and a soccer mom with 3 screamin kids gave me a handjob in the 10 minutes it took us to get to the AT trailhead. no, that doesnt really compete with yourz. :D
  8. vannevar

    Free McDonald's coffee for hitchhikers

    yes specially since i love being in britain, and the britz/scotz/welsh/irish, but i HATE paying 4 poundz sterling for a fukkin mediocre coffee :D
  9. vannevar

    News & Blogs The Eight Most Annoying Travelers You’ll Meet on the Road

    Nervous Nellie and Antsy Andy. Theyre usually retired, usually upper middle class, probably trump voters... Dog walkin, curtain wigglin, trail jogging muthafukkaz. They see you takin down your tent or brewin coffee and squeal to the pigs.
  10. vannevar

    People see what they wanna see rant

    quit fukkin apologizing. and quit talkin about trump. talking time is over. in fact, talking about shit is worthless. itz time to preemptively minority report his ass. and his stupid fukking followers at the same time.
  11. vannevar

    Photos Which shoes?

    never mind the tims/nikes. Note my suggestion.
  12. vannevar

    Photos Which shoes?

    no no no no no! i rock these crocs brand bootz i got at an h&m in jersey city:
  13. vannevar

    Photos Which shoes?

    dont you step on his blue suede shoes!!!
  14. vannevar

    Newbie's random questions - regrets, motivation, plans etc.

    everytime i see yuppies scurrying around, i laugh cruelly, mercilessly, and diabolically. Or when bourgeois talk about memorial day weekend, or labor day weekend, or when sheeple complain about their mortgage or the price of gas. Bwahahahaha!!!!! Who knowz, whatever makes em happy. But i dont...
  15. vannevar

    Texas Coast

    thank you for helpin people.
  16. vannevar

    Hard time conforming.

    fukk work. find a scam.
  17. vannevar

    Hard time conforming.

    fukk work. find a scam.
  18. vannevar

    Hard time conforming.

    fukk work. find a scam.
  19. vannevar

    Jeep Cherokee living?

    i dont like cherokees. theyre weak, they overheat, theyre cramped, etc etc...the old classic cjs are 100 x better in every way. they can be equipped with a rooftop tent, or can tow a teardrop trailer.
  20. vannevar

    Hard time conforming.

    dont ever stop.
  21. vannevar

    Anarchy is actually far right

    think in terms of obscenity. One SCOTUS geezer said of obscenity “ i know it when i see it”.... Fascism and race politics are similar in that everyones tastes vary: to some tribalism is an elixir, to others (usually the capital O Others,) its obscenity. So can anyone provide an objective...
  22. vannevar

    Anarchy is actually far right a whore. And a monkey, just like the rest of his ilk: the pundits, kardashians, ann coulters, perez hiltons, and alex joneses. opinions mean nothing. Value systems and beliefs mean nothing. Ethics can only be expressed through action, and without action ethics are meaningless.
  23. vannevar

    Squatting is a Deadly Game

    take pictures of these fucks and post em in shady characters
  24. vannevar

    What is the best beer you have had to date and why?

    belgian trappist. trippelz, quadz, etc. :)
  25. vannevar

    Any Jesus followers?

    If He showed up in Hollywood, DC, or NYC...healing the sick without a license, serving at soup kitchens and food not bombs events...hanging out with hookers, drug addicts, criminals etc...Wonder how US society would react. Probably exactly lke the Pharisees and Romans did...
  26. vannevar

    Any Jesus followers? here. Never saw him in Arcata but here and there, many times. pretty sure it was Him. Also demons are completely real Ive seen them too. Quantum mechanics are just as real....and people are just as argumentative about that. Nobody knows whats really going on with God or quantum...
  27. vannevar

    New to this site, need advice

    start by reading kerouac’s canon. then you can watch ‘into the wild’ 50 times like everybody else on here :D
  28. vannevar

    squatting washed up boats

    pm me!!!!!! this has been a dream of mine for ages!!!! :)
  29. vannevar

    To Manslam or not to Manslam

    similar to tree friendly cities, we could have ‘kind, generous, gracious cities’ awards for communities which evolve past ceratin attitudes and behavior patterns. No rushing around allowed, no me first attitudes etc
  30. vannevar

    To Manslam or not to Manslam

    Compassion, empathy, and civility zones could be created. Like signs as youre coming into town that say that and let people know that community is pro-manners. Then rudeness, selfishness, and other stuff could gradually be relegated to areas where people are okay with it.
  31. vannevar

    To Manslam or not to Manslam

    Why Your Kids Are Ruder Than You Were Parents are not modeling proper behavior in front of their children By Judy Mandell • 07/14/15 7:46am (Photo by Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images) Many years ago, when my daughter’s playmate was dropped off at our home, her prim mother would...
  32. vannevar

    adventure. kid. ;D

    adventure. kid. ;D
  33. vannevar

    ya gotta gipper, ya gotta giper. - adam sandler.

    ya gotta gipper, ya gotta giper. - adam sandler.
  34. vannevar

    Paranormal Activity

    what if its not another at all but our own psychic energy splitting off out of ourselves? if theres someone else in or around your area, especially if theyre sleeping...cast suspicion there first.
  35. vannevar

    To Manslam or not to Manslam

    people are solipsistic in most cases. this is why they text constantly, develop road rage, and do many other things that people do. For these individuals, it is not where they are that matters, or when. but only where they intend to be. this type is known as a 'doer' rather than someone who can...
  36. vannevar

    Rothco boots

    no rothco sux. avoid them at all costs and get the real deal.