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  1. xjamestravisx

    Your favorite books?

    Not sure what I’d consider to be my life changing books. When I was younger, Sartre’s writing got my brain working with Philosophy. I tend to read fiction, though. Anne Rice’s Memnoch the Devil definitely impacted the way I look at/feel about religion. Watchmen was highly influential to me...
  2. xjamestravisx

    What are you listening to right now?!!!

    Right this moment, Bedhead - Beheaded. Lately, I've been into the new Daughters record, You Wont Get What You Want, and a lot of Nick Cave.
  3. xjamestravisx

    What are you currently reading?

    I’m currently painfully working my way through Dharma Bums. Less painfully, I’m half through Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers, and a short story collection by Jorge Luis Borges called Labyrinths. Pretty good surrealist stuff. I’ve read mostly horror since high school, so I’ve been trying my...
  4. xjamestravisx

    Tattoo removal... Do's & don'ts.... Any artists on here?

    I’m a tattooer, professionally. I would recommend saving the money for laser over using something topical. A shitty tattoo is better than a shitty scar that can’t really be tattooed over. If you’re not trying to spend that money, just get something cool and heavy over it. I dunno what your...
  5. xjamestravisx

    New guy here, living in richmond

    Hi folks. I’m Travis. Im 30, XVX, from eastern KY, but currently live in wonderful Richmond, VA after 6 years in Chicago, a summer in Philly, and whole lot of bouncing around that whole time. I’m a tattooer at a shop called Hold it Down. Been doin that 13 years and some change. I’ve been...