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  1. Doobie_D

    Road worthy E-readers

    I can't believe there isn't a thread on this already. Being as books are heavy and there isn't always an easy or cheap way to swap them out on the road I've finally gotten hip to the idea or rolling with an E-reader. I've seen folks selling them on here but there has never been a review on...
  2. Doobie_D

    Attention PDX homebumy street urchins: Missing Friend

    Missing: Portland, Oregon Chris Cleary . If you have seen or heard from him since Sunday, March 17th please call me (443) 282-4159 aor notify the Portland Police Department (503)823-3333 case # 13-21980 So i guess my buddys mother is worried about her lil snookums. He's been around PDX for a...
  3. Doobie_D

    The Bag Poop (responsibly pooping in an irresposible, toiletless world)

    This morning as i sat in my tent out in the woods slowly waking up, drinking instant coffee, and talking with my dog about how she needs to put some hustle in her game if were gonna bag a few local squirrles.. It hit me! Talkin bout a capital number 2. Then i got to thinking about a practice...
  4. Doobie_D

    Awesome Squat in Yelm, Washington

    The video is hilarious! Homeowner surprised to learn a stranger was living under her house 14 hrs ago, Odd News Videos 73-year-old Velma Kellen of Yelm, Washington was shocked by news that a stranger...
  5. Doobie_D

    Ha! The Railfans are pissed!! They are not down with drunken rail riding OR trespassing!
  6. Doobie_D

    NW Fruit picking work now till Oct. Copy- Paste Orchard work, no qualifications necessary (Portland- Lyle, WA) Date: 2012-04-18, 2:11PM PDT Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?] Here's the score, I represent an orchard in desperate need of...
  7. Doobie_D

    Worst Detour I Ever Took

    I got to thinking about this story the other day so i figured i'd write it out. Bout time i did this. This particular story begins in the Gentilly yard. Its late Febuary.. 2007. The daylight had just faded away and there was a GM sitting on the out bound track closest to the jungle. We had...
  8. Doobie_D

    News & Blogs Death Toll From German Music Festival Rises

    Death Toll From German Music Festival Rises : NPR This just goes to show that techno music is harmful to your health. On another note. That "check if already posted" button is pretty conveniant. Hats off to whoever thought that one up!
  9. Doobie_D

    Melbourne Police Investigating Fatal Train Accident

    Melbourne Police Investigating Fatal Train Accident Fatalities Reported On Train Trestle Near Crane Park MELBOURNE, Fla. -- Police are investigating a fatal accident involving a train in Melbourne Saturday night. The incident occurred at about 6:30 p.m. on a train trestle near Crane Park...
  10. Doobie_D

    Cross country and to the right

    This is a repost from the "claim your stories" thread. As a side note: this trip took place in the summer of 2006. Kind of a long story too. Warning you now So I suppose the start of all this was after we got to Seattle. It was the day after 4th of July with all the drunkenness &...
  11. Doobie_D

    Alaska and getting there with yer dog

    So i belive im going up to Alaska this summer via the ferry i know they allow dogs on the Ferry but im wondering if there is any kind of screening or quarantine that dogs from the lower 48 have to go thru in order to get in. Anyone know anything about this? Also any tips on anything worth...
  12. Doobie_D


    Anyone know of any cool places to check out there? Cool shit to get into? Cool events coming up? Or just anyone gonna be there 2 weeks from now and wanna meet up?
  13. Doobie_D


    Sooo im on the beast coast right now and im thinking about taking Canada's lovely rail system back west. Ive heard that recently you need a passport to get back from Canada and Mexico as of September 06. Does anyone know if thats true or what? Also if it is needed does anyone know what hoops...
  14. Doobie_D

    Low Rent medicine

    Anybody out there got any home remedey type cures for sickness and ailments. Perferably of the cheap or free nature. Ive heard tea tree oil is adaquate at getting rid of scabies but also a stolen bottle of nix does just as good. Also i know personally of garlic to help in getting rid of colds...