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  1. Fuzzypeach

    Tonasket Barter Fair

    We plan to attend the Tonasket Barter Fair in Tonasket, WA. It's the 3rd weekend of October. Anyone else going? Tips and advice on the event welcome.
  2. Fuzzypeach

    People's project

    We are planning a trip to PHL to visit the grandkids. (That is, if we ever get our rig in shape LOL) We would like to stop at the People's Project in SD. Has anyone been there? Looks like a real cool place.
  3. Fuzzypeach

    Military Space A

    I recently got military Space A privileges but haven't used them because of the infequency of flights. It's like hearding cats. I am spoiled and used to non-revving on the airlines. But that went away when I medically retired.
  4. Fuzzypeach

    Hello from Tacoma, WA

    I stumbled across this site via Cornelius Vango and Community Coz's YouTube videos. We decided we wanted to escape from "Babylon" (Coz's name for the rat race). We had tried before to form a community out in the sticks North of Spokane, WA but we lost the property. We had to start over and...