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  1. Stinkyyy

    Featured Anything you wanna know about living on the road in England?

    OK so after a little nudge from Matt I've decided to stop being lazy and get some content up about living and travelling the streets in England. I might do a big Q&A thing wit a couple of friends in a video if we have enough interest sooooo is there anything you wanna know? Hit me with your...
  2. Stinkyyy

    Best transport for a huge crew..?

    OK I'm tired and the chat thing keeps getting in the way so I'll keep this short n sweet (maybe @Anagor can spread better light on our situation) but long story short what do y'all think is e best mode of long term ish transport for 6 adults, a baby in baby seat n three big doggies??? Our...
  3. Stinkyyy

    Easiest rattle ever???

    Straight up copy pasted from my journal but can anyone explain this weird shit??? Ok so lets talk about this cold turkey ting. After using an average of £100 a day (£200 at my worst in brighton) in snowballs im now almost 3 days into a straighr up rattle. The original plan was for Kayo to mail...
  4. Stinkyyy

    Sqwot Kam

    Started up a SQWOT KAM YouTube so you can all see how boring we are. Crappy tablet videos ahoy!!
  5. Stinkyyy

    Looking for help developing the lost 35mms!!!!

    Basically I've spent a good chunk of my life squatting, cave dwellin n being a pisshead but it was all really just an elaborate plan to create my life's work... Idk idk just look at this please -- Cheers all!!
  6. Stinkyyy

    News & Blogs Hi! This is what we're up to in Bristol!

    Unfortunately we've been evicted after this weekend following an agreement t with the owners (and a huge party ;) ) but after the down fall, burning out and eventual redevelopment into posh ass flats from the original Bristol Free Shop it's wicked to be reviving the scene and getting shit done...
  7. Stinkyyy

    INFO REQUIRED squatting Ireland / Ni

    Hey y'all been away a while between Bristol , Ldn and Brighton uk and had some crazy shit going on plus my laptop got robbed so it's been hard to connect to cyberspace haha. Anyways thinking of heading out into Ireland soon, starting with Northern, where I was born but never knew. Been scouring...
  8. Stinkyyy


    Yaknow, no matter how much I walk / climb / roll around on the floor like a crazy person or how little or healthy I eat I am getting the worst beer / cider belly ever. Other than quitting the drink (don't even...) what can I do!?
  9. Stinkyyy

    Space in South London squat

    Got a fuckin huge building lined up need more people - get in touch!
  10. Stinkyyy

    Travelling with a 'problem' dog / advice on training

    Okkk so about a month and a half back I rescued a sweet little staffie cross of aout 18 months from some dickbags who were gonna chuck her under a train. At most times, she's cuddly, friendly and though we've not been together long is getting more and more obedient by the day, coming when I call...
  11. Stinkyyy

    NEW YORK October '13 - Help?

    Decided to throw in the towel with my stupid ass college degree and i'm taking all the money i've worked so fucking hard to earn and i'm coming to NY in October. I'm shitting bricks but it's going to be fucking incredible. Basically y'all should tell me any places I should definately go see...
  12. Stinkyyy

    Anyone around London?

    Hoping to get out of the South pretty soon and am looking for some nice, respectful people to meet with and possibly find somewhere to crash short term or prefferably live slightly more long term. I don't know anyone around the London scene so it's feeling pretty difficult for me to just rock up...
  13. Stinkyyy

    Need somewhere to crash in Bristol or LDN next week!!

    Need somewhere to crash between 30th and 5th in either Bristol or Ldn. I'm pretty chilled out and quiet so I won't be getting under anyones feet and i'm down to help out with shit and look after dogs. I'm totally awesome to drink with too, so yah, hit me up.
  14. Stinkyyy

    Need somewhere to crash in Bristol or London next week!!

    Need somewhere to crash between 30th and 5th in either Bristol or Ldn. I'm pretty chilled out and quiet so I won't be getting under anyones feet and i'm down to help out with shit and look after dogs. I'm totally awesome to drink with too, so yah, hit me up.
  15. Stinkyyy

    UK to USA - Where do I start?

    Alright so it's time I stop fucking day dreaming and telling myself i'm gonna do this shit and actually just do it. I'm sick and i'm tired of living in the country i'm in and it's just pretty much done for me. Been planning a big trip over to the US ever since I can even remember and what with...
  16. Stinkyyy

    Uk Summer 2013

    Anyone planning to travel around the UK or possibly Europe this coming summer and fancy a travel buddy? I'm still relatively new to this whole thing and wanna start making some decent contacts and doing something with my life! I'm a good laugh to be around, I swear.
  17. Stinkyyy

    Just think about anyone you know squatting...

    Ugh man.
  18. Stinkyyy

    Anyone here shoot 35mm while travelling?

    Was wondering if there's anyone who shoots film whilst travelling. Where do you develop your film / keep prints / spare rolls ect safe while on the road? How about those with digital? What camera do you use? Bonus points for your photos - I love a good gander at everyones photography!
  19. Stinkyyy

    Not my first.

    Allo, This isn't my first introduction, but I lurk so much I kinda feel like popping up and saying hello again. I'm 20, female and currently living in Bristol Uk. I love the city but as of last September I got pressured into a two year unviersity course and I was too much of a fucking idiot...
  20. Stinkyyy

    Hello From The Uk!

    Hello STP! I joined a little while ago but never really bothered to write an introduction, which I guess was dumb. I'm 20, female (duh) and should be moving to Bristol in the next month. I'm supposed to be going to college up there but im really not sure if its the right way for me to go. I'm...