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  1. ellilis

    Running DnD/Pathfinder at the Jambo

    I am so into this! I've only done 3.5, but seems like I could adapt to another version easy enough with some guidance. Let's do ittttt!
  2. ellilis

    Some early September Updates

    Yep, can't wait! Might be heading there with a friend, if she can/wants to join in. :)
  3. ellilis

    Some early September Updates

    Yes! Excited about... well pretty much all of that XD
  4. ellilis

    Aah! I just saw your name in the new members list. :) Cheers

    Aah! I just saw your name in the new members list. :) Cheers
  5. ellilis

    Wasteland Weekend (California City, CA) [Sep 24-27, 2015]

    I'd love to go to this if I can, doing a fair bit of getting around in September, but if there is any way I can be there, I'm so going!
  6. ellilis

    for the young'ns.. (TMW from 1990..)

    Oh wow, I remember catching the odd one of these, so great, thanks for sharin'! :)
  7. ellilis

    Love what you did for the STP art, looks so rad!

    Love what you did for the STP art, looks so rad!
  8. ellilis

    Magic: The Gathering

    Fuck yeah! Black and red all the way. So hard finding people to play with, but I got a few people into it a while back. Definitely had some long great nights playing beyond when Elvish House Party was a weak card.
  9. ellilis

    The StP Bandana Project

    Love the bolt cutter addition :)
  10. ellilis

    Interested in the particulars of squatter's rights in California

    I'm curious about this too. I've read you need the 30-day period to gain tenants rights, making repairs/upkeep and whatnot, and then you're there legally, and for the long term 5 years for actual possession. Wonder if anyone else is a bit more knowledgeable?
  11. ellilis

    The StP Bandana Project

    I think it's pretty tough to get it perfect for everyone, theres a lot of diversity with us here (which is great!) Some of us rubber tramp, some ride the rails, some prefer biking it or sailing, some love to drink, some never touch drugs or alcohol, etc. This seems like its coming along pretty...
  12. ellilis

    The StP Bandana Project

    Same here, looking good though for sure! :)
  13. ellilis

    The StP Bandana Project

    I drew em in so they'd look hand-drawn ;) Just preferred that style to straight. You did great in however you manipulated the road and whatnot. :) I can make the symbols you have here (anarchy etc) in ellilis-hand-drawn-style for sake of consistency and send em on?
  14. ellilis

    The StP Bandana Project

    This is so awesome that this is going to happen! I like how you made the vertical borders into roads: nice way to incorporate it! I'm happy to "hand draw" in the symbols in illustrator if it's any help, not that I imagine the task is too difficult ;)
  15. ellilis

    Disgusting photos of human parasites (look away, kiddies)

    So seeing the title "human parasites" I fully had an expectation of some human fetus being on this page (that's a human parasite, no?). Maybe my mind works in strange ways...
  16. ellilis

    STP Inspired Bandana

    I could do that ^^
  17. ellilis

    STP Inspired Bandana

    Oo, that'd work! I was trying to figure out how to get rubber trampin better represented, but hard to find something that would still look okay on here. Hmm, now where to put them... ;) Edit to come!
  18. ellilis

    STP Inspired Bandana

    Haha, it so does! :D ...oh no... I can't not see it now. Garden tools and aboriginal weapons all over!
  19. ellilis

    STP Inspired Bandana

    So a few years back, someone in Rat Patrol made some pretty kickass bandanas with the usual paisleys and shapes replaced with rats, bikes, beer, and welding equipment. It remains one of my favorite things I've ever received. I can't compete with that awesome bandana, but I was inspired to make...
  20. ellilis

    [March 16th, 2014] Skull by Skull Now (Austin, TX)

    No, out on the west coast. I've been to a few rat patrol events, and dead babies and los angelopes: I always seem to enjoy the bike kids events, but hadn't heard of this one and was rather curious ^^
  21. ellilis

    [March 16th, 2014] Skull by Skull Now (Austin, TX)

    I was wondering how this turned out! Shoot, sounds like less bikes than I had imagined, but still like a good time, even for those who check out early ;)
  22. ellilis

    Hobo Code to go

    Yeah, that sucks, love the bandana, but this trainparty business is... wtf? Could just make one too I suppose
  23. ellilis

    Hobo Code to go

    Ah, is that you? Indeed I did ^^
  24. ellilis

    Hobo Code to go

    So I'm really not sure what to think of this, especially since it's on a site called "trainparty", but I had to share it: I originally found it on rucksackrevolution's page, a little more crustified:
  25. ellilis

    Written media that has inspired your lifestyle choice

    To add in another book, Evasion (Author listed as anonymous) was definitely inspiring ^^
  26. ellilis

    SB sucks :P except for the weather

    SB sucks :P except for the weather
  27. ellilis

    The Punk Rock Retirement Plan

    Retiring to shortbus life or my own piece of not-so-tamed land out of the cities if I can swing it would be my ideal, sounds like I'm not alone in that respect. I'm not sure I'll never be rid of the desire to travel, so having a bus would be great, and having a piece of land to park it in for...
  28. ellilis

    That is crushingly long

    That is crushingly long
  29. ellilis

    Pop tab chainmail

    Better get to drinkin, gonna need a lot of these...
  30. ellilis

    Pop tab chainmail

    Pasta strainer was not even on the radar! Love it
  31. ellilis

    Pop tab chainmail

    Full shirt? Wow, way to do it better. Did it hold up well? Tabs are a surprisingly versatile/useful little things, I'd bet I could make a bag or purse out of em too...
  32. ellilis

    Pop tab chainmail

    I think I just found a new cheap craft to make... Anyone else do this? I used to make bracelets and belts, this one is new to me
  33. ellilis

    Dont let love distract your goals

    So true, haha, gotta live your life!
  34. ellilis

    Don't know I've run in to you before, but nice to meet you here

    Don't know I've run in to you before, but nice to meet you here
  35. ellilis

    Where you from?

    Where you from?
  36. ellilis

    Still sucks. I'm originally from Jefferson, moved to Madison, then... all over.

    Still sucks. I'm originally from Jefferson, moved to Madison, then... all over.
  37. ellilis

    Shit, was it a lot? Sorry to hear :P

    Shit, was it a lot? Sorry to hear :P
  38. ellilis

    ITT help me ruin my body

    I'd leave it empty, so if someone asked "what's that?" I could say "nothing."
  39. ellilis

    Goddamn Gallows

    Nice, thanks for posting/sharing these guys
  40. ellilis


    Catfish fits him, haha love it! Coughdrop is pretty great too. I had two rats named Norway and Spoon, and an overly friendly dog who was an enthusiastic greeter, thus named Howdy.
  41. ellilis

    Wilderness squatting, Olympia WA

    Heading up there soon as well, seems like a solid idea to me
  42. ellilis

    The most random place you have fucked while traveling

    Some crazy abandoned watchtower attached to this factory in WI, before the sun came up.
  43. ellilis

    you ever just walked

    I love just walking. Straight transportation walking, sure, but when I got something to work out on my mind, aimless wander all day is what helps. 10-15 miles does a crazy girl good.