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  1. Johnny Therapy

    Comment by 'Johnny Therapy' in media 'cut our ride way too short'

    We were hopping out of hauser idaho early AM and in Spokane exiting the yard, a bull with a vendetta was looking down into the wells of every car and spotted my friend. So we got pulled off and ticketed in Cheney. Luckily a friend came thru and got us to Seattle where we are now and we camped...
  2. idaho?


    before getting pulled off rolling thru Spokane
  3. Missoula coal trains

    Missoula coal trains

    this place is aggravating and sporadic
  4. cut our ride way too short

    cut our ride way too short

  5. Momtana sky

    Momtana sky

  6. Mchungry


  7. north bergen yard

    north bergen yard

  8. busking in Atlantic city

    busking in Atlantic city
  9. Johnny Therapy

    Comment by 'Johnny Therapy' in media 'dunsmuir dpu'

    where did you end up ? did you leave maine? do you have a good gear or a car? are you trying to relocate to the north west? or are you looking for information on trains or tips on solo travel? I always reccomend others to travel with someone else and have not solo ventured much. I've been...
  10. Johnny Therapy

    hello world, site questions / intrdouction

    Hey y'all I've been using the site for a few years but I forget my passwords and old emails when I change band names which is too often but can Matt or a administrator let me know how I can undelete myself and see threads and what not? My name is Johnny I am 32 years old and I'm currently...
  11. beeeeeautiful


  12. dunsmuir


  13. middle of somewhere

    middle of somewhere

  14. what


  15. dunsmuir


  16. dunsmuir dpu

    dunsmuir dpu

  17. nevada ?

    nevada ?

  18. I'm not cold

    I'm not cold

  19. old jungle roseville

    old jungle roseville

  20. roseville


  21. oh it's me

    oh it's me

  22. roseville again

    roseville again

  23. lake tahoe area?

    lake tahoe area?

  24. new stickers

    new stickers