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    Needs Research how to search for people by location?

    thanks.. but there used to be an option right?
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    Needs Research how to search for people by location?

    i was able to do this before but i cant seem to find how to search people on their current location.. (maybe its just me. haha but a little help would be awesome. thanks
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    Russia anyone?

    anyone in St Petersburg or Moscow and down to show me around a bit? getting my year long tourist visa in a week. and will be going to Moscow again in a few weeks. i live in Tallinn so just around the corner from st petersburg. then in december or january i ll go to moscow to do a russian...
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    Library Useful PDF Dump PART 3 - GARDENING!

    thanks !!!
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    booking fligths tomorrow for another month long road and rail trip around southwest usa... so...

    booking fligths tomorrow for another month long road and rail trip around southwest usa... so done with winter !
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    Off and lost,

    feeling you..
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    florida winter?

    take your bike and cycle around for a while .. bring sunscreen, a hammock with a tarp, mosquito repellent and shorts. :) Florida is flat, so perfect for cycling. also with a bike you ll be able to camp anywhere you want as you get around easily to look for spots. Miami is pretty awesome...
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    Leave No Trace

    are you talking about the person the story is based on ?
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    Leave No Trace

    WOW.. just saw an amazing film. made me cry. basis story: Iraq war veteran with Post traumatic stress disorder and his 13 year old daughter live in a tent in the woods outside Portland, Oregon. They get spotted and taken out the woods.. all you need to know...
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    Hello!! New and stranded in MA

    loads of low cost bus companies to head to the big cities south
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    going crazy.. i dont get people. i am heartbroken, society disappointed and road sick for the...

    going crazy.. i dont get people. i am heartbroken, society disappointed and road sick for the last few months.. i need help..
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    The First Time Ever, I Hit A Deer....

    love your stories!!
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    I'm all alone and scared.

    maybe a bit more information on your situation ? and dont be scared. its a beautifull world out there.
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    Free wood cabins around Europe?¿ all info for the estonian huts and campsites
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    Alcoholics Anonymous

    good to hear that @Art101 . happy for you !!
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    Stealth camping Miami area? Also who the good wingnuts

    beaches by mid beach or north miami are supposed to be better. all of em have some bushes. so it comes down to finding a nice , clean and not taken spot
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    Stealth camping Miami area? Also who the good wingnuts

    best bars in town are Churchills in Little Haiti (punk, alternative place with bunch of trainkids, anarchists, alternative people), The Corner next to downtown (good alternativve crowd) and Las Rosas next to wynwood. about stealth camping. i was in Miami for almost 2 months last winter. slept...
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    Foreigner in US

    that is if you re in the reykjavik area.. ;)
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    Foreigner in US

    btw.. i might go to reykjavik for a weekend at the end of november or beginning of december to see friends (lived there for a while last two years) if i ll go i will let you know and if you want to grab a beer or coffee i can give you some advice for travelling the us and canada.
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    Foreigner in US

    its a good source of information and some good people here too.
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    Foreigner in US

    3 month tourist visa.. hitchhiking is easy but nothing like europe if you have been. people will love your icelandic accent so asking for rides at gasstations is easy you have to pass canada to get to alaska. if you see catching rides isnt easy in the usa just go quicker into canada.. (its...
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    A Close Call......A Mini Adventure From My Youth

    no way. hahaha i just watched this video a few days ago Link:
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    Should have done this years ago

    welcome! and have fun on the road!
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    Squat in SoCal

    you re starting pretty good it seems.. :) loads of threads on here on the subject. do some searching. i know some regular long time members with experience have posted some pretty good info on the subject. just send them a privatre message for more information about the laws and their...
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    just put a link up here..
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    totally supporting you here.. but where do you get the information from that they would be at the us border in a week ?
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    new here and very stuck in al

    give me some what you re on !
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    Photos sometimes it gets hard, mentally

    my thoughts too..
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    Any winter jobs around Alberta/BC?

    i lived in bc for almost two years.. had a working holiday for of em.. work a restaurant in tofino, and some odd jobs for cash on my travels.. summer time, so construction and that kind of work
  30. Tadaa

    Any winter jobs around Alberta/BC?

    tons of restaurant jobs . also skihills are hiring now. (better to get those jobs in advance. some places the restaurant jobs are also filled in when the season starts so if you know where you want to go apply now. might get away without a visa.
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    Post traveling depression...expieriences with it/how to cope

    dont get a job next to the railroadtracks if you used to trainhop..i find myself stairing out the window every day and dream about another adventure.. besides that.. i travelled and lived around the world for ten years.. guess i ll never get over it.. but i want a homebase.. so building one...
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    Rejected Editing/removing your content from StP

    you can delete post by post if you really want. but can you guys just bury the axe? would hate to see you go @outlawloose .. your posts are a guide for many others..
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    Anyone get taken in on the road?

    happened a lot.. more so when i was younger and my englsih wasnt so good. guess americans trust eauropean backpackers more then their own (had a few people tell me this
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    ПОРНОФИЛЬМЫ russian punkrock band

    fuck yeah.. my boss gave me time off to go see there show in St Petersburg beginning of november.. little holiday again.. been in Estonia for 5 months now without leaving.. woop woop
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    ПОРНОФИЛЬМЫ russian punkrock band

    i dont speak russian either haha.. but the first song is called Youth and Punkrock. its about uniting the kids against the military, goverment and about following your dreams as there is still hope in russia.. lot of social topics, anti goverment, anti russian nationalists, .. but all in a...
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    ПОРНОФИЛЬМЫ russian punkrock band

    just discovered this band a few days ago cause a friend asked if i wanted to join him to their gig here in tallinn best fucking band i came across in years. they played a two hour set. nonstop energy from the band and the crowd. for those whole like the rise against, pennywise kind of...
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    Walking shoe recommendations?

    bought these boots with a 50% off cause they had been on display in the vitrine of a shop so the colours were a bit faded,. best boot ever!!!
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    Homeward in a rush!!!!

    hitch anyway.. tell him not too worry
  39. Tadaa

    fall winter tour

    way to go!! keep us updated on your adventure. have fun and be safe on the road!
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    being in one place is fucking hard.

    being in one place is fucking hard.
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    Prisoner Of The Road - Sivert Høyem

    When I go, I go alone There ain't no one ever looking out for me Just the sun, my own lean shadow And the wind out among the trees Home, it's far beyond long lost horizons Home I'll never see For I'll be a prisoner of the road And I hold no key that will ever set me free Most humbly on my...
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    Anarchy is actually far right

    please define free speech then
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    incompatibility with reality

    my previous roommate drew massive colourfull suns and smiley faces on every mirror in the house. did the same at my new place now. with in big letters SMILE. its a start. :) and you re not alone. a lot of threads on here about it. just read on other peoples stories on what helped them and try...
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    my forced retirement from being a vagabond

    sucks to hear man. here is my two cents of advice. dont sell the camping gear. it looks like a good way to make money but at some point you want to get out there and then you re without gear. and buying things again later will cost you more then what you get for it now working on yourself...
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    Photos january to may on a disposable

    haha.. it was a nice bikeride into the yard. still wondering if that security guard got in trouble for letting us bike all the way into the yard hahaha high secured yard my ass.. just a wall thats bigger then the one berlin used to have, an alligator moat, cameras and floodlights everywhere...
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    Hello, friends

    i left Belgium ten years ago when i was 25. did a looot of travelling over those ten years. lived in canada, estonia, finland, iceland and back in estonia. worked hospitality jobs around the world. hitchhiked well over 200,000 km around the world. trainhopped the last year over 10,000 miles in...
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    Hello, friends

    its a story for many of us.. dealing with depression. hitting the road is a nice eye opener that life is amazing. that their is other ways, likeminded people,.. but the problems will come back if not dealt with. credit card bills will still be there if not paid. depression and anxiety will...
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    What are the big differences between North America and Europe according to you ?

    patio culture.. cause the drinking laws are more strict in the us.. that is something i always missed in the us. sitting on a patio, watching people and the city go by. the greeting culture is the biggest difference in my opinion. it might all be fake and most people dont give a fuck in the...