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  1. Fuzzypeach

    Banned User Cornelius Vango banned for being emotionally abusive IRL

    So sorry to hear you had a falling out with Cornelius. I don't have all the facts so I will not judge anyone.
  2. Fuzzypeach

    how to leave Seattle heading south?

    The is a train that goes from Seattle to Portland. The cascadia, I think it's called.
  3. Fuzzypeach

    Post-jamboree thread

    We planned to go but we are still waiting to get the windshield replaced on our RV.
  4. Fuzzypeach

    Tonasket Barter Fair

    Thanks for your input. Hopefully we will have our motorhome up to snuff by then. It's taking longer than expected.
  5. Fuzzypeach

    Homeless crackdown and internment camps in cali

    It's getting downright scary.
  6. Fuzzypeach

    Homeless crackdown and internment camps in cali

    I am afraid that is a possibility. Kristil Nacht on the homeless.
  7. Fuzzypeach

    Homeless crackdown and internment camps in cali

    Anything out of the Dumptruck's administration is suspect. Of course they will make it sound benign. He's literally using Hitler's playbook.
  8. Fuzzypeach

    is anyone on here happy with their love life??

    Still horny after all these years.
  9. Fuzzypeach

    To ditch or not to ditch?

    Get rid of him. He's nothing but trouble.
  10. Fuzzypeach

    is anyone on here happy with their love life??

    My boyfriend is younger than me. I never thought I'd be a cougar but here I am. He says the same thing you do about older women. Us older women appreciate you because guys our age require a toolbox full of contraptions and at least pills. (Sorry guys. Medical science is still working on that.)
  11. Fuzzypeach

    Tonasket Barter Fair

    We plan to attend the Tonasket Barter Fair in Tonasket, WA. It's the 3rd weekend of October. Anyone else going? Tips and advice on the event welcome.
  12. Fuzzypeach

    Sex toys !

    I prefer the real thing. Ain't no substitute for my man:p
  13. Fuzzypeach

    The balancing of life,

    Wow, a very insightful post. I too, have bounced between Babylon ( workin' for da man.) and freedom. It is nothing to apologize for. Mine were driven by layoffs ( the airlines are constantly laying people off). However the time not immersed in the fray forced me to stop indentifying with my job...
  14. Fuzzypeach

    A little about myself

    Cool! Welcome aboard. You will find a lot of tips and ideas on here as well as good conversation.
  15. Fuzzypeach

    On Selling Out

    Oh the struggle is real! I would alternate between dropping out and selling out. I always felt like a whore going to work for "Da man". But then again there were times I did like it. Unfortunately, the choices are stark: Either be in Babylon, working for "Da man" or be a disinfranchised...
  16. Fuzzypeach

    is anyone on here happy with their love life??

    I am married and poly. We have been together for 20 years and were always poly. I also have a wonderful lover who treats me like I am the only woman in the world. He makes me very happy.
  17. Fuzzypeach

    Hello STP! I'm Madison and I'm on my way to Thailand.

    Hello Madison, and welcome aboard. I hail from Tacoma, WA. Not too far from you at the moment. Would love to hear about your travel adventures.
  18. Fuzzypeach

    Free or cheap fast food

    Costco's $1.50 Dog with 20oz drink. (Assuming you have access)
  19. Fuzzypeach

    Sex in public places? Sure!

    Probably jealous. LOL
  20. Fuzzypeach

    Sex in public places? Sure!

    Full motion flight simulator. What's nice about that is you have to cross a bridge to get into it. When the motion is turned on, the bridge retracts. Other places are the wild horse monument on 1-90 near the Columbia River in Washington. Upriver Park in Spokane, Wa. That one has 3 generations...
  21. Fuzzypeach

    The downside of being a homesteader.

    Isn't 4" a little generous? Ha ha ha
  22. Fuzzypeach

    How and when to discuss polyamory with potential partners

    One thing One thing is certain. Poly WILL NOT fix a broken relationship. However, if you aren't wired to be monogamous, forcing monogamy is as disastrous as forcing poly in a relationship. (Look at how many people cheat.) One thing it does to is take the burden off each other to be everything...
  23. Fuzzypeach

    Discussion StP Social Center project

    I always thought of calling a place like that Ecetera. For the misfits like us.
  24. Fuzzypeach

    The downside of being a homesteader.

    I only am pro se. But it sure comes in handy when dealing with MF's who otherwise won't leave me the fuck alone. Also handy when dealing with people who try and trample my rights because they leave gotten away with it because people don't know any better.
  25. Fuzzypeach

    The downside of being a homesteader.

    Litigation is my superpower. His attorney ended up owning his ass. Lost his house, all of it. I don't necessarily have to win the case to cost them big-time. I just make sure I have a legal basis to file, which all of them are. Love the punching bag idea though.
  26. Fuzzypeach

    The downside of being a homesteader.

    Oh I know the type. I spent 2 years of my life suing them. Same shit, they had the cop's in their pocket. Contest everything. Most of their shit got dismissed. They are targeting you because you aren't into the Babylon bullshit.
  27. Fuzzypeach

    What up STP!!! Just another introduction...

    Welcome aboard. Babylon sucks. So does working for the man. It used to be somewhat tolerable decades ago. Now it's fighting for economic survival especially with all the gentrification going on. The more people that say fuck that, the better off we will all be. Best wishes for your new direction...
  28. Fuzzypeach

    Hello everyone, im Valerie.

    Welcome aboard, be safe
  29. Fuzzypeach

    Hello everyone, my name is Paul

    Welcome aboard
  30. Fuzzypeach

    Hello everyone, I'm the new kid on the "Block"

    I would start with something to live in unless you are accustomed to living outside. Even then, it will be quite an adjustment.
  31. Fuzzypeach

    Hello, I'm Pickles...

    Welcome aboard.
  32. Fuzzypeach

    Hello, I'm Barf. Anyone gotta mint?

    Welcome aboard.
  33. Fuzzypeach

    Gotta give up the road, for now.

    Yay!! Try for 100.
  34. Fuzzypeach

    Gotta give up the road, for now.

    It's worth fighting for. I got 100% for MS. Changed my life. Starving for years because it took so long to get a fucking diagnosis. Holding a job was difficult. Once I got the diagnosis, I got SSD. Not enough to live on. I finally got the VA at 100% which is golden ticket. You get everything...
  35. Fuzzypeach

    Library The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures

    I have this book. Good one. I also am a self-proclaimed slut. I love men. I fall in love easily. I have lots of love in my heart so poly is definitely the lifestyle for me. I also have a voracious sexual appetite. There is plenty of me to go around. I was always shamed for this as a woman. When...
  36. Fuzzypeach

    Discussion StP Social Center project

    I'm down. We've been wanting to set up a place like that for decades. However, we like WA. Nothing says there can be only one location. The People's Project in SD is similar. The biggest hurdles are purchase price and zoning laws. A bit easier in more rural locations for both. However, having...
  37. Fuzzypeach

    Plains/Steppes with no People?

    Western Nebraska
  38. Fuzzypeach

    How and when to discuss polyamory with potential partners

    I find that just out with is the best way. I have been in a poly relationship for 20 years. I was out with it the day we met. We have just had our 18th anniversary. A year ago my husband transitioned into a woman. is a great poly dating site. It does cost and there are more men than...
  39. Fuzzypeach

    Aspiring self employed glass blowing rubber tramp looking to make friends with fellow travelers/anarchists

    We have in the past. I think Tonasket is coming up soon.
  40. Fuzzypeach


    I hear ya. We are on the brink of civil war, and/or living in a dystopian slave society. Babylon is crumbling. Our only hope is to stop competing and start cooperating.
  41. Fuzzypeach

    People's project

    We are planning a trip to PHL to visit the grandkids. (That is, if we ever get our rig in shape LOL) We would like to stop at the People's Project in SD. Has anyone been there? Looks like a real cool place.
  42. Fuzzypeach

    Military Space A

    Same with the VA, but without the VA, we'd be screwed. So I'm gonna get everything I can from Babylon while I can.
  43. Fuzzypeach

    Military Space A

    You have to be retired or have 100% disability rating from the VA. I had to take my disability paperwork to the visitors center in order to get a day pass to get on base. Then you have to go to the Pass and ID office where they will issue you a military ID. If married, your spouse will be able...
  44. Fuzzypeach

    Travel by Air? Ultralight

    ROFLMAO. I am a former AMT for the airlines and Flight Engineer. I gave a more technical response but you are spot on! Not to mention if it wandered into Class B,C,or D airspace. I can just hear some pilot on final saying: What the fuck was THAT?"
  45. Fuzzypeach

    Travel by Air? Ultralight

    Wow. You do realize that can be easily be overcome by winds aloft or a microburst. Also not sure about FAA licensing and certification regarding type and operation. Not practical for anything but tooling around your local park. Traveling, not so much.
  46. Fuzzypeach

    Military Space A

    I recently got military Space A privileges but haven't used them because of the infequency of flights. It's like hearding cats. I am spoiled and used to non-revving on the airlines. But that went away when I medically retired.