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  1. onandonward

    Asheville, NC March last year - Young guy with long blondish hair in all white, I have your tiny statue!

    March of 2018 I was in Asheville. There was a very young, weirdly Jesus-esque looking guy panhandling on what I think might have been College St. I was sitting in the park across the street, newly-washed, and eating an ice cream cone for dinner like the degenerate I am – vaguely paying attention...
  2. onandonward


    Hi! My name is Cassie and I'm an 18 yr. old female traveler and working astrologer (really) just train hopping/hitching around the Northeast when I'm not finishing high school. I've been traveling, escapist and antsy-boned for about four years now, but I've never really been on a trip longer...