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  1. ev wood

    I'm so proud of you Birmingham! (women's march)

    My home city is known for violence, but also for civil unrest. Yesterday 5,000-10,000 (conflicting estimates) gathered together to continue that great tradition and send a message to the current administration that discrimination based on race, gender, orientation, class, and nationality will...
  2. ev wood

    Introductions & the like

    I'm not great at these in person, I tend to observe people to an extent before introducing myself because I'm moderately quiet and tremendously curious by nature. I find you learn more with mouth closed which often makes me come across as naive but that's a misnomer. So... About me: I grew up...
  3. ev wood

    Nicholas Ridout

    I didn't see another post for him so in case any of you know him Nicholas Ridout passed away May 27 in Nashville, Tennessee. He was train hopper and one of the best humans I've had the privilege of meeting. He played the banjo and guitar, wrote songs & short stories, painted, made awesome gravy...