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  1. cozmic

    time ender from portland, oregon - crazy person you should avoid

    I work for a family law firm, and if you called us up, I'd place you on hold, laugh, put you back on the line, and then give you the number for the state bar because you sound like too much of a handful. Also, since you're in Oregon: (800) 452-8260
  2. cozmic

    Resolved What if we started banning people from specific threads?

    I'm agreeing with this motion. There might be some situations when a user is not an overall problem per se, but it might be best to maybe temp ban (such as what Jerrell mentioned) them from a specific conversation so it doesn't get derailed and off-topic. I hate seeing useful discussions that...
  3. cozmic

    How to ask this guy in a letter if we are still together? he didnt come see me for 4 days.

    I'm not sure about the Canadian criminal system, but in the US there are some counties that allow online public access to dockets and current inmates. Maybe try googling "[insert county here] jail inmate search." You may need a booking number, or maybe you'll only need a name. If there's no...
  4. cozmic

    Guns/gun violence - thoughts?

    Social media and chemicals could be a part of the problem, but I genuinely think it's the society at a whole. I know the U.S. has always been a divided nation, but now its hard to even turn on the news without pundits spewing their ideologies (and sometimes there's hatred). I hate Trump but...
  5. cozmic

    Slab City???

    I had no problem with a cell signal at Salvation Mountain with AT&T. I imagine it's fine in Slab City.
  6. cozmic


    I have been wanting to explore polyamory. Mostly because I found myself loving other people in my past relationships. But I could not do anything about it because I was already in a long-term monogamous relationship. Now I find myself leaning towards it even more because I like to be with...
  7. cozmic

    Bike Trailer Homes!

    I wasn't sure where to put this little article, but I thought some of you might find it interesting. This guy has a bike trailer home that he is selling for $1,950 O.B.O., but maybe some of you might be interested in building your own just like it...? Either way, I think this is pretty cool...
  8. cozmic

    any tattoos?

    Wish I had the money to finish it up.
  9. cozmic

    Presidential Election '08

    Well I hope all y'all in the Golden State voted No on Prop 8 at least. I don't give shit about marriage, but I do care enough to want to make all the "traditional marriage" supporters cry.
  10. cozmic

    Best places in America?

    I fucking love Austin, TX. Lots of cool people and a lot of things to do. And I also have to agree with Western Massachusetts. People in Northampton can be kind of snobby sometimes, though.
  11. cozmic

    Long Gone the film

    I just watched this last week. Awesome documentary.
  12. cozmic

    Get your asses to Radio Shack - Pro-84 Scanner $29.97

    Okay that's weird. The SAME thing happened with the earphones I got. It worked out of both ears for a while and all of a sudden it started only working out of one. Hm.
  13. cozmic

    Get your asses to Radio Shack - Pro-84 Scanner $29.97

    Same here. I'm pissed :( But it's a good opportunity for those of you that need/want a scanner.
  14. cozmic

    Bluetooth Your Scanner

    Nice. I want to do this!
  15. cozmic

    Squats in California?

    I say go east to San Bernardino or Colton. I think you'll have a much better opportunity of finding some thing there opposed to Los Angeles.
  16. cozmic

    the farm im living on is on!

    I think it will be released on DVD on November 6th. If you're really impatient like I am, you can try torrents. It's a great movie.