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  1. Frownsy

    Photos Video Couple tales from the trails on the Greyhound

    Recently had to make a trip to NY for a family emergency could only afford the Greyhound to get there as fast as I needed. So started my trip in OKC, everything was fine until security (2 guys) we’re talking to the guy sitting across from us. They seemed fed up and kept asking him if he had a...
  2. Frownsy

    Is the Greyhound still pretty laid back?

    Okay so I’m doing the Greyhound from OK to NY and I haven’t been on in 8 years. I’m trying to figure out if security has beefed up over the years or if they still barely check your bag? Debating whether or not I should take my vape pen/edibles or not.
  3. Frownsy

    Long time lurker finally makes contact!

    Hey friends I’m Jess! I live in OKC currently. I traveled on and off in my late teens and am currently getting the itch to get back on my bullshit. I hope to get to know others who are traveling in hopes of meeting people to eventually travel with or just find some similar souls. Anyways, been...