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  1. Django

    Dumpsterdiving in Nola?

    Boys and girls, other non binary friends. So I'm in beautiful and ugly Nola and I've decided to stay for a while but I find it hard (at least harder than I thought) to dumpster dive here. I stay around the French quarter, don't have a car but would bike a few miles for a good spot. I've heard...
  2. Django

    Address to get shipment around Chicago?

    Hey all. I'm bike touring around the u.s and I'll be in Chicago in a few weeks. Im trying to find an address to recieve a new tire (I dont wanna use us post office, their hours are weird) for my bicycle. Any ideas? I tried a few bike shops, no success
  3. Django

    101 Slab city for a night or two?

    So as part of my North-South America bike tour, I'm gonna hit the slabs. Mostly excited about salvation mountain, but I'd like to stay a night or two there. I have a tent, so that's taken care of, But I thought it'd be nice if I'd have a connection, someone to say "heyyy" to, Instead of just...
  4. Django

    So.. Vegas. 101 begginer wonderer?

    So.. any interesting spots for dumpster diving or "damaged" fruits collecting? I saw a lot of squatt options on the Western neighberhoods, but I'm not very much into squatting at the moment. Any casual jobs would be cool though. Biked the 100 miles from death valley junction over Mountain Springs
  5. Django

    Photos First one ever? Who cares

    This thread will use me to gather information to what hopefully will become the first ever adventures winter hitchhiking to the Arctic Ocean. Im not sure I will be able to pull it off, but right now I did all the necessary preparation. Warm clothing to be added when needed. I'm taking with me...
  6. Django

    Video Super dope NYC undercity (known?)

    Hey. So I don't know if it's a known vid, but this is fucking true content and I had to share it. Maybe some if you didn't watch that one. Undercity new york Link:
  7. Django

    Any winter jobs around Alberta/BC?

    Not sure if this is the right place, it seemed reasonable. Fellow maple syrup fans, I'm biking across Canada, and with winter knocking I'd love to find a place where I can make myself usefull. I have an interview for B visa (U.S at December 27tg in Calgary. I am currently in Sault ste Marrie...
  8. Django

    Resolved Where did my post go

    Sup all. Great coding to this site. Very tech, all this index features and notifications..! I posted a thread in the bike touring, was able to edit and even make a comment (to myself haha), But all of the sudden it's gone :O It had a small note "waiting for approval"- idk if it's forever or...
  9. Django

    New bike tourer in town

    Hello my fellow whatever-we-all-are ! I started my bike tour Augost 21st in NYC, Went north to Canada (upstate NY to Vermont, then crossed at Albourgh, VT) and to Montreal. From Montreal I went up north to Val d'or and now south-west to Vancouver. I carry my tent and usually wild camp or couch...