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  1. Hylyx

    American Collapse Looks A Lot like Soviet Collapse... If I was to tell you there was a society in which longevity, real incomes, savings — not to mention, happiness, meaning, trust, and democracy itself — were all shrinking at record pace, what would you say? I’d say it...
  2. Hylyx

    Suggestion Upside down country flags?

    Hey, any way we can have the option to at least turn the little flags on our forum pics upside down? I really don't like seeing that flag next to me hah
  3. Hylyx

    Finally coming back to StP, this time with a War Box!

    Hi everyone! Decided to become active on here once again, I missed all you dirty fucks. =P Bought a bread truck at auction almost 2 years ago and been building it out and living it it since, I can post interior pics if people want. It has been christened the War Box, I might get custom plates...
  4. Hylyx

    Punk protest: Sex Pistols manager's son sets fire to collection

    PUNK ROCK AS FUCK. "Mr Corre, who founded lingerie company Agent Provocateur, has been critical of Punk London's plans to mark 40 years of the sub-culture. The plans, which include events, gigs and exhibitions, is supported by groups including the Mayor of...
  5. Hylyx

    Photos The Oogle Express (Oakland to Portland, once again)

    Water and cardboard procured, I squeeze under the fence behind an obnoxious and too-bright big box store. Happily, my train sat there waiting for me, having taken the unusual step of pulling up on a siding, instead of leaving from deep in the Desert yard. Suits me just fine, I think as I start...
  6. Hylyx

    Featured Photos A viking funeral for my cat

    All felt calm and quiet as we pulled into the empty parking lot behind the racetrack. We gathered supplies, and slowly made our way to the shore, if it could be called that. Clouds blanketed the entire sky, but the light pollution from this megatropolis made up for the lack of reflected...
  7. Hylyx

    Photos Riding through a winter wonderland

    Here lies the tale of my return trip from PDX to Oakland. As always, not enough pictures. ALso, feedback always appreciated. ^_^ enjoy! With baited breath, I watched a diminutive QPDRV pass by with naught a single rideable car. Closed boxes, lumber racks so full someone had to use...
  8. Hylyx

    I almost got humped!

    Wrote some words about a trip earlier this week. Feedback appreciated! Pix are obviously not in time with the story, but all from this trip. Had to break up the wall of text somehow. The golden hour, middle of January, 2016. I step off the bus in Roseville to what seems an abnormally...
  9. Hylyx

    Help in Oakland?

    There is a pretty rad-looking building a few blocks from where I'm staying now that I'd like to start squatting. It's a bank-owned foreclosure, not on the market, so pretty much an ideal candidate for squatting. If anyone's interested in meeting up and checking it out that would be rad. I'll...
  10. Hylyx

    4 days from Oakland to Portland.

    A story from a few weeks ago. I know there are some typos and shit, but it's late and I don't care. I hope you enjoy! Any feedback is appreciated, even constructive criticism. I'm trying to get better at telling stories... I left my friends Q+M’s house a bit after dark in the unexpectedly balmy...
  11. Hylyx

    Punk Voyager

    Random funnyass story I found online: Punk Voyager: A story about punks at the twilight of the 1970s who are drunkenly outraged to discover that the Voyager probe has been launched with classical music records for aliens. They build their own...
  12. Hylyx

    Storing your stuff indefinitely for cheap/free?

    So, I'm about to be homeless/on the road again, which is pretty exciting, but wholly unplanned this time. I have a bit of stuff, like my bike and tools, that I want to be kept safe, but I don't have the $ or desire to rent a storage locker. Most of my friends live in apartments or squats, so I...
  13. Hylyx

    News & Blogs Another day, another pig murdering a restrained teenager " Wilsey said officers came into their home after they called for backup help when Vidal was having a schizophrenic incident. Wilsey said officers had his son down on the ground after the teen was...
  14. Hylyx

    Printable coupon for FREE Waffle House waffles!! From Reddit: Go get thee some goddamn waffles!
  15. Hylyx

    Misanthropes Get Lonley Too.

    Wrote this last night. It's not as much of a story as a journal entry, but I like it and thought I'd share. This feels like the tip of the iceberg on this topic for me, so there will probably me more to come. Comments/questions of course welcome. P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } So I wrote a...
  16. Hylyx

    NW Folklife Fest! (May 24-27)

    Anyone from the PNW going to this? I've never been but am staying super close by and plan to check it out... AND it's free to get in ! Fuck yeah! More info here:
  17. Hylyx

    Cheap Places to stay in NYC? (Hostel/Squat/New Friend?)

    Hi all! I'm headed to NYC later this week from SF, gonna stay a few days. I've never been and am excited as fuck to check it out! Hoping someone has suggestions on good cheap places to stay, I have some money, but not a few hundred for a hotel, or some of the hostels I found online. I know...