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  1. up2eleven

    What stuff do you do purely for fun on the road?

    There's stuff like going to the beach and bodysurfing, or going to free days at museums. What are some things you do that are actively fun?
  2. up2eleven

    20 years away from the road, and now might be forced to be on it again. Need advice.

    So, here's my situation. I'm very likely going to lose my job because I've missed too many days due to medical issues. Haven't been there long enough to get on FMLA. I've already been trying for several weeks to find another job with no luck at all, and it used to be damn easy for me to get...
  3. up2eleven

    What are some other resourceful sites for road living?

    Digihitch is down.A couple other site I used to check out are gone. I really dig STP, but gotta have more than one resource. Anyone know of some other helpful sites?
  4. up2eleven

    A few questions about Mexico

    I figure it would be a great place to spend the colder months or for even longer term, but have some questions. 1. Are there any laws against busking? 2. Do they like American songs there, or should I learn some local stuff? 3. Can you make enough money to get gas and food through busking, and...
  5. up2eleven

    Any diabetics on the road? How do you deal?

    Anyone out there who needs medication insulin, etc and who is on the road? If so, how do you get the meds you need and make sure to keep your glucose in line?
  6. up2eleven

    What's Florida like to be homeless in?

    I need to be somewhere warm because I get cold very easily. Can't afford a ticket to Hawai'i. So I'm thinking of Miami or anywhere else in south FL. Never been to the state. Anything I should know about that area? Places that give out food? Safe sleep spots? How the locals are? Ease of getting...
  7. up2eleven

    Would you rather hitch or live in a car?

    I'm going on the road soon and deciding whether to just hitch or to try to live in my car which is just a hatchback. If you had this choice, which would you pick and why? I figure, car provides shelter and quick transportation, but costs a lot. Hitching is way cheap, but you're subject to the...
  8. up2eleven

    How do you afford gas when living in a van?

    I really like the idea of living in a van, but vans usually get really bad mpg, so how do you folks afford all that gas? If there are any tips and tricks to get gas, let me know! Thanks much!
  9. up2eleven

    How do you avoid loneliness on the road?

    What do you do to remain social? I know there's rainbow gatherings and the like, but what about when there's not a regional and you don't want to be in a city, but you don't want to be all alone either? I'd like to deal with cities as little as possible, unless I need supplies or something...
  10. up2eleven

    Any road folks over 40?

    How many of you are over 40 and still plan on living on the road indefinitely? I'm 42 and will likely hit the road next summer, probably for good. I need to escape cubicle land, but want to make sure I'm not fucking myself over. Those of you over 40, do you find it more difficult than the...
  11. up2eleven

    Would you rather hitch, drive, or bike?

    If you had your choice about it, would you rather hitch around, drive a vehicle, or ride a bicycle around? Why? What is it about your choice that you like and the others that would cause you to not do that?
  12. up2eleven

    Advice on hitching down through Mexico, and Central and South America?

    What would I need to know about doing this? Is it especially difficult? Is there a big stigma or unfriendliness regarding hitchhikers? Any general tips, advice, things to loom out for, things to know? Any help would be great. I have a passport.
  13. up2eleven

    Leaving the cubicle for good...

    Back in the early 90's I did the road hippie thing for a few years, went to some national Gatherings and a couple of regionals. Decided to try to live the "normal" corporate life and have been progressively miserable. I am done with it and as soon as my lease is up in June, I am hitting the road...