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    Your Favourite YouTube Hobos

    Hobe Mud...
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    Squats on the Big Island

    All good ideas but you gotta watch out for tweekers and locals who don't like haole's.
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    Squats on the Big Island

    Just got back from the mainland and found my place to stay not so favorable looking for a place to squat ugh.
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    Photos Semi-Truck Surfing in South America

    Freaking awesome bro, I just seen a guy hitching underneath a trailer in a hammock...looked dangerous as hell but fun.
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    Suggestion Staff appreciation thread

    Most definitely, thank you all for making this possible!
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    Can a cop search your bag if you're out late?

    However, be careful exercising your rights because they can come up with anything they want to... Best to be recording and no they cannot stop you from recording in public.
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    Can a cop search your bag if you're out late?

    California law states that they can only stop or detain you if they has suspicion of you committing a crime. Next time ask them if you are being detained and if so why they are detaining you...and no they do not have the right to search you your person or your belongings without probable cause...
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    Photos Koala's first trip to Southeast Asia

    Just fkng love reading your posts, feels like being there.
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    Featured My first train, Australia 2019.

    Awesome write-up, what a great read and I like it better with pictures instead of video.
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    Thinking about answering the call of the road again

    Nothing like the open road, see you out there.
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    The PCH journey

    Try this again lol
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    The PCH journey

    A video at hurricane point, sorry it didn't load right.
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    Photos I pulled the trigger....

    Nice score, can't wait to see the build.
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    Hey guys, Novice Traveler Here!

    Wow long read but one I needed I think, you got this and you know it lol... I too am at the same spot you are I believe, there is only so much you can learn before you have to learn the rest by doing it...I had this exact feeling before I left seeking adventure my first time some years ago. I...
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    Photos My Second Catch Out (NJ/NY)

    Love the write-up man, nice pics
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    The PCH journey

  17. Zbart1108

    Featured Photos Off-Grid homesteadin' wing'n it yeh

    Amazing story, thanks for sharing.
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    The PCH journey

    I tried to get the road work sign in frame as well but you can't see it as the wind had it pushed almost flat against the ground.
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    The PCH journey

    It's my second time, finishing what I missed the first time lol. Now time for part two this journey and catch out on the overland route.
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    The PCH journey

    Wow what an adventure from South to North this time...was way harder lol.
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    If you had to live on a bike the rest of your life?

    O would recommend a Surly,Salsa or Raleigh. There are allot of different frames out there to fit different size people so you really need to test ride first, as well as there's allot of info on the met about bike sizing, I'd you don't have a bike that's fits you properly you won't be happy. This...
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    My First Hop (Where My Real Travels Began) Part 4

    Wow bad as write up man.
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    Featured We out here on the STP senior tour! Keddie > KFalls > Dunsmuir > Roseville

    Awesome story bro, had me in years laughing at one point...sorry faceplant.
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    Its time to ride again. Haven't rode since 97

    Welcome back to the road, it's where some of us belong. Nice to hear your story, I to took time off to raise my son and so good to be back traveling, hope to see you out there...stay safe and happy travels.
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    Rather live in a tent than bust my ass to pay the rent

    Speaking of taxation, I was just looking at the construction and actually it is written into it that we may tax ourselves and there was no limit to the amount actually and legally the government could come take everything you have at will at anytime...let that sink in a minute. I was...
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    It's about that time

    Hell ya bro, this summer will be epic!
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    Swimmin holes across the USA!

    I I use to live in Oroville, I've swam there before, it's amazing!
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    Folding BIke Touring

    Hopping with a folder, never thought about it till now... thanks.
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    Trike tour?

    This is why I was going to use solar to help with power consumption, I've seen it on a couple setups out touring and on blogs.
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    Featured Photos Hoppin from Memphis: One of the most beautiful days of my life

    Awesome write up bro, I have so much in my head I wish I could put down in ledgable reading, so many people tell me I should write a book. I think that's something all travelers get told by the people that haven't found the courage to brake free from the system.
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    Trike tour?

    As mentioned before it will be hard to push up hill...I pushed up many many hills with a single speed Raleigh XXIX and a BOB Trailer. I too thought about doing my next trip on a trike...however it will have to be modified. I ran into a bike shop in Willits California and the guy was selling...
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    STP Greenhorn

    Welcome and enjoy, so much info so little time lol.
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    Hey yall, from the north bay

    I actually hail from the glove, Detroit was cool yrs ago but heard it's getting to be a ghost town with alot of abandoned building's but that might be a good thing. I'm headed to the Oroville area for the trim season.
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    Bright colored gear

    Also if you incorporate a hard hat and a carry bag/backpack you might just have them asking how they can help you instead of questioning you lol.
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    Bright colored gear

    I read somewhere once about someone saying they had used a bright green or orange vest that helped them look more like some kind of laborer that in turn helped them get rides as well as less harassment by the powers that be. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this approach in...
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    I'm just about done with the rat race

    At some point I think we all hesitated then said that's it, I'm out...and left. Go for it and hope to see ya round some day.
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    Hello from S. Carolina

    Welcome, it's so good to see people chase their dreams...nobody does that anymore. I myself got fought up in the norm to conform society and when I finally withdrew I got a while new perspective, then I found this sight and found the inspiration to complete my next task in life...
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    Featured Photos Boxcar Party: Six Hobos and a Hoghead

    Absolutely amazing story, gearing up with as much knowlesge for my first hop and dam am I glad I took the time to read this. I agree with everyone here that you sir should become a writer, just simply an amazing read and I am not a fan of reading...although once I started I couldn't stop. Thank...
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    Featured Photos One Month Across 20 States

    Wow what an amazing read and inspiring...thank you for this.
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    New guy trying to figure things out.

    Hello everyone, i recently became homeless and jobless and decided to go on the road. I first chose a bike but that just didn't work, now thinking of hopping...something I've always dreams of. I'm so tired of society today aaand how we have been dumbed down by technology. Looking for info on...