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  1. lazerskull

    DESOLATION CENTER - The most important film made in your lifetime

    Some of the places I remember are Cattle Club / "Bo Jangles" "El Dorado Saloon" "The Loft" (behind a bookstore called Time Tested Books) "The Boardwalk" (orangevale) The first "big" punk show I saw was the Descendants at El Dorado Saloon.
  2. lazerskull

    The Pornography Thread

    I DO NOT jack off to porn. Mostly. When I am incredibly bored, tired and alone... I load up some pornhub porn and I watch about 4 minutes of whatever video it suggests... I then feel stupid and even more bored and disappointed... and then I turn it off... this happens 2 or 3 times a month.Once I...
  3. lazerskull

    DESOLATION CENTER - The most important film made in your lifetime

    I just saw what I believe to be one of the most important films created in my lifetime. Here is my review: This film, by Stuart Swezey, documents an important time in American history. And as with any time in human history, where there is political change, there is artistic change. Whatever you...
  4. lazerskull

    Am I the only one here who...

    Because fuck that shit.
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    On Selling Out

    Yeah I Guess that question itself is revealing, "any of you crusties ever sold out completely?" Like it sort of paints something into a corner of a "yes" or "no" when in reality it's not "yes" or "no." I guess completely selling out would be like getting a job for Haliburton developing missiles...
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    On Selling Out

  7. lazerskull

    Free or cheap fast food

    What about Geese? Out in California they're now as common as rats. And they're so comfortable now they just waddle around fattening themselves up. I always thought if you had a crossbow it would be a snap to take one down without a sound.
  8. lazerskull

    Free or cheap fast food

    I have literally gone to the doughnut thing in Safeway and grabbed a jelly doughnut and when I was waiting in line to buy something and I was too hungry to wait, I just ate the doughnut. Then when I came to pay (I think I was buying like a bottle of juice or something) I realized that if I...
  9. lazerskull

    Hi (new member) Introduction by way of stories

    High Ball! Hobo Johnny!
  10. lazerskull

    selling photos while travelin?

    I'd totally buy one I love physical tangible photos!
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    On Selling Out

    I went to college to get a degree in music. Which is my passion. I happened to be really good at it, and my professors encouraged me to go to grad. school. Which I also did. Grad school sucked the life out of me, and I barely finished a master's degree. For both degrees this took almost a decade...
  12. lazerskull

    Featured We out here on the STP senior tour! Keddie > KFalls > Dunsmuir > Roseville

    Holy that was an awesome story man! Faceplant no shame in your game man I took a dive once in Dunsmir too. We were NB from RSV and we were passing through the part of the yard with all the extra lines for making trains. I was like "why isn't the train stopping!" I had a panic and jumped out the...
  13. lazerskull

    Hi (new member) Introduction by way of stories

    Thanks ya'll for the warm welcome Lupo yeah I'll hit up ibuzzard ... unfortunately I am limited to a specific week in August. But I'll be chatting with that dude anyway just to get some background on Montana. Coywolf shoot you can GoPro whatever you don't seem like one of those kinda wankers all...
  14. lazerskull

    Announcement Monetizing Squat the Planet

    Do u do Venmo I'll gladly donate. Yeah if everyone donates and you get rich could u buy us a cool ranch / retreat / community center where we could all hang out
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    Hi (new member) Introduction by way of stories

    Hi everyone. My name is Lazerskull. I have been hopping trains since 1995. It's been awhile since I've been back. I know there are quite a few dumbasses on the rails now selfie sticks and all hanging from the sides of box cars. I'm not one of those! I was 14 on my first ride up to Dunsmir from...
  16. lazerskull

    Hi to everyone! Newbie introductions

    I'm a native to Northern CA. I've been catching out since I was a teenager. Mostly Nor Cal and Oregon. I now live in the Bay. Just looking to share knowledge.