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  1. salxtina

    Seeking ride out of florida

    Florida is definitely a hard place to hitchhike out of, it's harder to get a ride there than anywhere else I've ever been. If a craigslist ride or bus ticket will get you to Mobile or New Orleans, hitchhiking gets easier there in my experience. Standing at the beginning of onramps to the...
  2. salxtina

    If you want me to support/fight Fascism,Communism,Socialism,Capitalism,Democracy,Anarchism ect. please give me a short definition of what it is?

    It's a mistake to think that the aim of all mobilization and street organizing is just 'protest'. Different ballgame, calls for different precautions.
  3. salxtina

    Safe-ish spots or ways to sleep in NYC

    I slept under the boardwalk on coney island this summer the night after mermaid parade, it'd be cold now though. Also I just stayed on a subway all night once in a pinch, me and another guy had the same idea and mostly slept undisturbed, the one worker who saw us was cool about it.
  4. salxtina

    Completed What if we started banning people from specific threads?

    Yeah sure. Dirt, there were trans people alive before your were born so they definitionally have "older thinking" than you, also you already know it's not 'censorship' for other private citizens to decline to pay for servers to provide you with a platform to indefinitely promote yourself on...
  5. salxtina

    Intro nah more like an attempt to scratch the surface... Awkward

    hell yeah lmk if I can help you destroy the economy
  6. salxtina

    The Pronouns Thread

    Lupo you asked what I was referring to so I provided those links as examples of where people kept writing t***** for no reason
  7. salxtina

    The Pronouns Thread

    Lupo - I linked to the specific posts like you asked, and being calm while people act like one's basic rights are a fun theoretical debate, is actually really, really inappropriate. Not least because people can stay PERFECTLY DAMN CALM while reinforcing a dominant culture of transphobia, public...
  8. salxtina

    The Pronouns Thread

    @Lupo The Pronouns Thread | Squat the Planet - and first post on page 4 and tenth post on page 4 and seventh post on page 5?
  9. salxtina

    The Pronouns Thread

    Mods - If I wrote saying that it should be accepted for me to write (generic racial slur) here, would I simply be asked to stop, or would that content be removed? I think the latter has often been done - Can we apply the same standard here, so our most-prominent conversation about trans rights...
  10. salxtina

    The Pronouns Thread

    Most of what could occupy an "ask trans people" thread has either been answered a million times already, so maybe ask an archivist/librarian/educator/search engine, or is best screened by the asked first asking them self, "Is this any of my business at all?"
  11. salxtina

    The Pronouns Thread

    So there's a fundamental disagreement here about what the point of sharing this information is. One purpose people can come to the conversation with is to educate people about what it's like to live in a way that's been marginalized by dominant, abusive forms of power, give trans people a chance...
  12. salxtina

    The Pronouns Thread

    'Cis-gender' = '*same* gender' = person living as the gender they were assigned at birth. Society almost ALWAYS looks at people being cis-gendered as the 'POSITIVE', correct thing. It is the opposite of an othering insult. Anyone is free to reject the term for themselves. In general, it's a good...
  13. salxtina

    Willem Van Spronsen's music

    Thanks, I hadn't thought to download it in time
  14. salxtina

    Cornelius Vango disassociating myself from stp

    The underlying problem - Even if Matt has been considerate and acting in good faith - whatthis conflict has brought up is a string of other people going "haha yeah, the woman they were talking about (who used to moderate and was burnt out by this same kind of trivializing!) shouldn't care...
  15. salxtina

    Sex for a wheelchair-bound individual w/cerebral palsy

    Here's two maybe relevant articles by a sex educator w cerebral palsy: Also yeah, now that CL 'encounters'...
  16. salxtina

    Schwillam/Sirius/Dru/Sean/Audio/What the fuck Ever.

    Just gonna link this here, with attention called especially to Chapter 2 ("The Mythology") and Chapter 11 ("Allies"). I think it articulates, better than I can, the problems with 'therapizing' abusers, and with the idea that 'cancel...
  17. salxtina

    Library Why Does He Do That

    @salxtina submitted a new file to the library: Why Does He Do That - Based on the author's years of experience working with people through the EMERGE program Click here for more info!
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    Cornelius Vango disassociating myself from stp

    It's confusing to me that folks are treating the word 'transphobia' as if it's 'name calling / labeling a person' instead of a description of actions - a subjective description that can be disagreed about - but treating it like it's a character attack in itself, kind of misses the point that...
  19. salxtina

    Entering Canada. What will they actually check for?

    Wait do you have to tell them you're entering on a work visa? Because I recently made my first trip to Quebec and told them I was just going into Canada for the weekend (more or less true) and they asked me a few questions but nothing major, lied and said no arrest records and they didn't...
  20. salxtina

    Imposter Syndrome and Some Other Complicated Things

    Was I off the topic of the original post, sure, yes. But I was on the topic that you asked me about - I was just responding to what you said. Thanks for trying, I guess, to be helpful in private messages - But understand that people's expectations of a helpful outcome, might not be as high when...
  21. salxtina

    Imposter Syndrome and Some Other Complicated Things

    To be transparent and maybe save my breath, here's my own reply to the moderator message I just got: Hi - Right now I'm more curious about your guess that this was not really the reason I don't participate here much. There's some other reason you think is the real one that I don't know about...
  22. salxtina

    Imposter Syndrome and Some Other Complicated Things

    I definitely already have, to the degree that it seemed relevant/productive. And you, of course, don't have to take a shot in the dark - but since you already have, sure, why in fact do I not post here much in your imagination?
  23. salxtina

    Cornelius Vango disassociating myself from stp

    Maybe there is an appreciable difference between "making up lies" and "disagreeing about what actions are transphobic."
  24. salxtina

    Imposter Syndrome and Some Other Complicated Things

    Hey - I don''t interact here much any more because of the casual sexism as social bonding game but I'm really glad you made it this far, and I can't really know what it's like to be a trans woman etc, but if you ever want to chat feel free to throw me a line
  25. salxtina

    Video The battle of tuntenhaus

    This is something truly beautiful, thanks. Of course even ""Communist"" cops end up favoring far-right gangs when push comes to shove.... did they use that much force to evict the fascist squat??? Real communism is the work of no state, working people have no nation! Nice little shout-out too...
  26. salxtina

    Hello, I'm planning a trip to Duluth

    have fun!
  27. salxtina

    What is the easiest wilderness bush shelter or shelter to make outside?

    also a 2-person hammock under a 10x10 tarp can be easier than a tent to keep dry in the weather
  28. salxtina

    congrats. <3

    congrats. <3
  29. salxtina

    Photos In Montreal city (Punk locak shows and interchange of spanish lessons for french lessons)

    I'm gonna be in Montreal tomorrow, HMU! Great art!
  30. salxtina

    Coal train cut off, or miner miscalculation.

    There's no union that represents the interests or needs of these miners. Anyway if you have any friends/family w a few dollars here's there strike fundraiser and more info:
  31. salxtina

    Anti civ life

    All for it Except that those changes in my own life would mean v little to me personally I ask myself what it would take To build capacity, to find weaknesses in supply chains, etc
  32. salxtina

    mulberries are ripe now, happy foraging

    mulberries are ripe now, happy foraging
  33. salxtina

    Seeking Ride HOUSTON > NORTH (For A Friend)

    A friend and her eight-year-old need a ride north from Houston. Ultimately they're trying to get all the way to IL where they'd have safe housing with extended family, but any part of the way would help.
  34. salxtina

    12 Hours till Mermaid Parade

    Started hitchhiking towards Hartford and figured I'd just get a cheap bus to New York there, but a woman picked me up and brought me all the way to the Bronx! The beach early on before the crowds got there... The Narwhals and the Atlantians: "MAKE MANHATTAN THE NEW ATLANTIS" GY!BE...
  35. salxtina

    12 Hours till Mermaid Parade

    Coney Island what's up! 🦀
  36. salxtina

    'spider tom' at slab city

    I mean, he was pissed off that I wouldn't tell him where I was sleeping. So yeah.
  37. salxtina

    'spider tom' at slab city

    Yeah I think he had a buzzcut, white/silver hair, kind of short guy. Had a black baseball hat w/ vietnam vet patches on it.
  38. salxtina

    How "love" is a illusion

    Anyway. As we all know. If we love someone who's faced a kind of exploitation that we haven't. Then we LISTEN TO THEM, about how common and structurally encouraged it is. And we put EFFORT into demonstrating, with our ACTIONS, that we won't treat them that way, and won't turn a blind eye when...
  39. salxtina

    How "love" is a illusion

    We need a world's-smallest-violin icon up in here... [Tfw you want to form relationships of love, which REQUIRES JUSTICE, with people who've been marginalized in a way you haven't, but it ~hurts too much~ to hear about common forms that objectification takes 😿😿😿]
  40. salxtina

    Suggestion Hi, why are my posts being hidden?

    There are, pretty clearly, posts approved as replies that are just value judgements and assumptions about that woman's mental state / psychosocial disabilities.
  41. salxtina

    How "love" is a illusion

    They don't. The two genders concerned here are Men and Fleshlight With A Post-It Note Attached
  42. salxtina

    How "love" is a illusion

    Lol, I actually know when I'm being read and treated as a fully human being and when I'm not. And when entrenched social structures encourage my treatment as fully-human or not. No one has any reason to have "faith." And as for my interests, well, why on earth would I share anything so precious...
  43. salxtina

    Suggestion Hi, why are my posts being hidden?

    Ok cool, so can we clarify what is being contributed to the discussion by keyboard-diagnosing people with psychiatric labels? There is also nothing added by posting gaslighting wishes for the woman in question to get "professional help to survive" - She's already made it quite clear that...
  44. salxtina

    Suggestion Hi, why are my posts being hidden?

    Also on mobile now so it's a bit hard to navigate and see what's going on.
  45. salxtina

    How "love" is a illusion

    I'm pretty sure that, no matter *what* level of consciousness we're on, our desires and actions are expressions of our DNA, reading and continually modifying/being modified by its ecosystems... I'll take a pass on all the claims of 'seeing through the veils', this-and-that revelation, seeing...
  46. salxtina

    roses are red prosecutors are pissed all charges against me have been dismissed

    roses are red prosecutors are pissed all charges against me have been dismissed
  47. salxtina

    roses are red first do no harm steal a thousand dollars of cheese as reparations from the crazy farm

    roses are red first do no harm steal a thousand dollars of cheese as reparations from the crazy farm
  48. salxtina

    hmu i'll steal u some reparation cheese from the crazy farm

    hmu i'll steal u some reparation cheese from the crazy farm