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  1. christa

    Hellarity House Show Oakland

    hellarity house show featuring the homeless people (oakland) and trash axis from San Diego. starting at 5 on the 19th (this sunday!)
  2. christa

    Yellowstone NP

    Friend just landed a job in Pahaska, WY in yellowstone at a lodge and I really want to visit her. I will be in Denver and am trying to figure out my options on getting up there with a very small budget. Got any ideas?
  3. christa

    Whatchu know bout RV life?

    I've traveled in many different ways but it wasn't until last year a guy in San Jose, CA hooked me up with what has been the coolest shit ever. He gave me a deal on his dad's 1985 Mini Winibego. It came in full working condition, a generator, a solar panel on the top, kitchen, bathroom, sinks...
  4. christa

    Megan Jean and the KFB

    awesome circusy gypsy music. Guitar, washboard, stand up bass, and banjo. The girl that sings is straight up professional crazy diy woman and the guy that plays bass is amazing. check em out if your ever in Charleston, NC
  5. christa

    I like my buddy but I hate his friends

    A good buddy that I'm travelin with found out his friend was in town and told him to meet up with us. First one of them showed up, innocently wanting to hang out with other punks in town, then came his girlfriend and now its his two friends. THe girl clucks all day long and the guy is constantly...
  6. christa

    Best Busking Spots

    I'm so sick of flying signs and gas canning, although I try to ignore it i just feel like a douche wasting hours of my life at gas stations and on ramps tryin to make a few bucks. Yea you can make good money, but money doesn't mean shit to me. So I started busking, yes i know its not a new...
  7. christa

    Gem Show in Tucson?

    Passing through the area on tour and heard you can get a day job and payed cash at the huge gem show they host in downtown Tucson. Does anyone know how to get these day jobs, do you just show up somewhere, or do you have to go online? Thanks