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Fate is a strange mistress, indeed.
After a sweet week in the slabs, layin' back, watchin the sunset in carlsbad.
Finally got out of Willows. One ride to Williams. Next ride to Willits. Where there's a 'Will', there's a ...Jay?
I entered into the stock market a few days ago. It's basically "dancing money". You gotta see it to believe it.
Flying to Portugal tomorrow! Fuck yeah.
12 days before flying out of the states; working through the very last day and milking the job for all i can get! but little time for much else, making a few quality occasions will tie it all together ^_^
Squatting truck stops in a school bus...
oak moth wrote on TrainingHoppers's profile.
yes, research is my middle name....if i'd done more as a young'un i don't think life would have kicked my a** as bad as it did
oak moth wrote on otch0z's profile.
yea - i do try to eat healthy and walk a lot. im kind of obsessed with it actually. gotta keep that pitta in check, depressed and inflamed is not how i want to spend another winter !

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