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This is the start of the Travel Gear Resources page. Hit the edit button below and add anything you think would be useful to other travelers!

Gear Advice

StP's Ultimate Gear Guide - A long but useful resource for just about every mode of travel, including how to find cheap gear, and what kind of gear you should expect to pack on the road. Taken from Matt Derrick's book, The Anarchist's Guide to Travel.

The Vagabond's Guide to Buying Shit Online - This is basically a guide explaining how to obtain the best gear for the cheapest price possible.

Documents / Identification

Domicile for Nomads: Establishing a Legal Residence on the Road - A very good article for those interested in establishing residency and related documentation for nomads. Geared mostly towards those living in their vehicles, it does have a lot of interesting information on why you might want to establish residency in US states like South Dakota or Texas.

VitalCheck - Often the first step in getting your ID and other documents in order is having a birth certificate. This website is an excellent and cheap place to get a copy of your birth certificate. @Matt Derrick got his birth certificate twice from this website and both times it was around $25 USD after shipping each time.

Mail and Packages on the Road: A Guide for Vanlife Nomads - Another article from the Gonomads website detailing various methods for receiving mail while traveling. Has a few useful tips and tricks you probably haven't heard of.

How to fit a backpack
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