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There’s are many different resources out there for finding work that fits into a nomadic lifestyle, so let’s recap the websites and publications we’ve covered previously in addition to adding a few more that you should be aware of.

Job Boards

Cool Works - This is my favorite website for looking up national parks jobs. Mostly involves service industry jobs, but there’s a good amount of trail conservation and other outdoor jobs that don’t require you to interact with quite so many idiot tourists.

Back Door Jobs - Very similar to Cool Works, but with more emphasis on conservation jobs and international jobs and internship positions.

UpWork - Formerly known as oDesk, this website is one of the largest market places for clients to find freelancers (and vice versa) for just about any technical job you can imagine, from writing to design, to programming. It’s a bit hard to get your first job, but once you get some positive ratings on your profile you can definitely build a digital nomad career out of this site alone.

How to find a remote job that you can do as a digital nomad via Reddit - A helpful post listing tons of remote job boards and other resources for finding work online if you're interested in doing the whole 'digital nomad' thing.

RV Living / Workamping Jobs

Workamper - The ‘Original Resource of Jobs for RVers since 1987’ seems to be the most organized of the workamper websites. There’s a free membership, but you’ll probably want to shell out the $47/yr if you’re really serious about finding workamping jobs through this website.

Workamping Jobs - Similar to the workamper website above, but posting and replying to listings is free.

Amazon CamperForce - This website will tell you everything you need to know about working in Amazon’s distribution facilities and how to apply for the job.

About Amazon’s CamperForce - This is a long and very detailed blog post about one person’s experiences working for Amazon’s CamperForce over the past five years, and a break down of everything you can expect from participating.

Offbeat Jobs

Just Another Lab Rat - Probably the number one resource on the internet for turning yourself into a human guinea pig for fun and profit. Lists almost every major pharmaceutical company in the USA so you’re sure to find a well paying drug study in your area.

Making Money Modeling While Traveling by QueerCoyote - A member of the StP website wrote this great article about their personal experiences traveling and working as a model, along with some tips for those interested in doing the same.

Working your way up from cannery work to deck hand on a pot boat - A useful thread on r/vagabond about one person's experience working in a fishing cannery and making his way up to a deck hand. Answers a lot of questions about that line of work if that's something you're interested in doing.

Teaching English

Dave’s ESL Cafe - Just one of many resources on the internet for learning the ins and outs of teaching English as a second language. Includes jobs boards, discussion forums for teachers to share techniques, and other information.

Finding Remote Jobs with TEFL (Archive) - This article comes from a larger guide on how to be a digital nomad. Includes some additional resource links at the end that are worth exploring.

Hospitality Exchange

WWOOF - The website for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a loose network of national organizations that facilitate placement of volunteers on organic farms. WWOOF is designed to provide volunteers with first hand experience in organic farming in exchange for volunteered hours on various farms around the world.

Busking Resources

Guide to Busking by Tom Senkus - Ever wanted to know what it takes to be a street musician? This book will show you the hows, the whys, and the why not's of being a professional street musician. Littered throughout this wonderful how-to guide are amusing anecdotes of failure and triumph that will either inspire or at least give you a good laugh.

Busk Break YouTube Channel - An interesting YouTube channel of someone that went out and tried to film as many buskers on the street as they could find. Lots of great artists here and many interesting song covers that you might want to add to your own play list.

Ready for Busking - This blog was created with the intention of documenting their experiences as the traveled around Europe using busking as their main method of getting by. Lots of interesting information such as the amount of money made and how bad the cops were in each region.

Travel Job Books

How To Work On A Cruise Ship by Wandering Earl - This eBook details everything you need to know about getting a job working on a cruise ship. What to expect, the kinds of jobs available, which companies to apply to, and how much money you can expect to come away with at the end of your season. Highly recommended.

Other Resources

Zero to Travel - If you enjoy listening to podcasts, this covers just about every aspect of being a digital nomad you can think of, from volunteering opportunities to starting your own business that you can travel with.

Making a Living forum on Squat the Planet - This section of our message board has a ton of information about various jobs (seasonal and otherwise) and other ideas for making money on the road. Members often post threads documenting their personal experiences so you can have a better idea of what it’s like to work that particular job.

Best Cities to Get on Food Stamps - A forum thread where folks have been sharing where to get on food stamps with the least amount of hassle.

Some Tips for Saving Money Before Traveling - A list of tips you can use to possibly save money before hitting the road.

Jobs for Nomads - This is a YouTube playlist from the Cheap RV Living channel. This series of eight videos covers the majority of nomadic-friendly jobs available to travelers in the USA. Definitely worth a watch, especially if you're traveling in a vehicle.
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