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Useful websites for Hitchhiking

HitchWiki - In my opinion this is the most comprehensive resource of information regarding hitchhiking on the internet. You can literally spend hours on this site and learn an amazing amount of information. There’s legality specifics for states and countries, tons of safety information, suggested hitchhiking locations by state, and personal experiences of those who’ve hitchhiked through that area. Highly recommended.

Hitchlog - If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to hitchhike in a particular place, HitchLog has user experiences from over 80 countries around the world. There’s also a page for finding other people to hitchhike with.

StP Hitchhiking Forum - obviously we have our own forum section dedicated to discussions about hitchhiking. There’s an active user base here so it’s a good place to ask questions and get them answered in a reasonable amount of time.

StP Hitchhiking File Library - we also have a few books and zines on the subject in our file library, and we're always looking for more contributions!

Hitchhiking Across America: One Ride At A Time by The Expert Vagabond - Huge 11-part travel series about his 5-week hitchhiking trip across the United States from coast to coast.

Hitchhiking Maps App - This (android only) app has a map of location people have hitchhiked at and reports on their varying levels of success. Not sure how often this is updated, but worth having a look at.

HitchWiki Maps - Similar to the above app, this web page is a log of hitchhiking spots placed on a map. Seems more detailed and reliable than the app mentioned above. That said, as of this writing, new editions to the map are currently disabled while they work on a new version of the map software.

Useful books about Hitchhiking

Rules of Thumb: How to Hitchhike and Live on the Road by Christopher Drifter - In previous generations, travelers such as Laurie Lee, Jack Kerouac and Chris McCandless walked out of their front doors with the money in their pockets and spent years travelling the world, enjoying countless adventures that have inspired people everywhere. Today, "budget travel" is an industry in itself, with travelers paying thousands of dollars to volunteer abroad, join in with hostel bar crawls, or spend a handful of hours at yet another tourist attraction in between endless air-conditioned bus journeys. Rules of Thumb is a unique guidebook aimed at the travelers who are looking for real adventure. Travelers who want to take long, ambitious journeys around the globe without needlessly spending huge amounts of money.

Hitchhiking Airplanes

We have a little bit of information about hitchhiking airplanes on our resources page for other forms of travel.
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