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  • Hello friends! So my partner and I are planning on making our way to Michigan soon but we're not wanting to get there til about beginning of April. I know having a timeline isn't the best idea but I'm wanting to be there for my kids' birthdays. Does anyone have any good ideas of places to try and visit on our way up? Places that are fairly easy to get in and out of? Places to avoid? Any info welcome.
    Matt Derrick
    Matt Derrick
    well, you should mention your starting location so we know what direction you're coming from :)
    Sorry about that lol. We are currently in southern Alabama. Totally slipped my mind that I didn't add that.
    Nobody here will just start spewing info out for you. Gotta earn it kid.
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    Rhubarb Dwyer
    Rhubarb Dwyer
    @BirdDaddy ...earn what, kid???
    Fucked up way to introduce someone to this community. By "community" i mean that we support and help one another find their way.
    Go earn yourself a fucking dark hole to jump into. The rest of us can handle this.
    I understand that I have to earn my stripes but I can't exactly just jump right in knowing everything about something I've never done before. That's why I was asking for pointers for places that are traveler friendly and all that. Also, I'm very much not a kid, just got a late start on going for the traveling opportunity.
    @zepher1024 im glad you have a steady head, some of us jump to conclushions and judge alot. Seems to me your aware of the forum board and search bar. Key words and bam! Years of discushions, witch was my point when i said its up to the indavidual asking and you were broad as hell in your question. There even is a forum called places of intorest i think... and kid or not dont matter i call most ppl kids.
    New here and new to traveling. My partner and I are looking to travel to places that are friendly and good for busking. We also have a service dog. Any help or info would be great as well as possible places to camp and/or stay. Thank you for any help.
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    Rhubarb Dwyer
    Rhubarb Dwyer
    Welcome. Go ahead and begin browsing the massive amount of information we have here, use the search utility to fine-tune your research, and join the chat where you can get to know folks.
    Certainly, don't feel intimidated. We are mostly a very supportive group here. Have fun and best of luck!
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