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    this conversation has taken an unusual turn ^_^

    this conversation has taken an unusual turn ^_^
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    How long do u stay out?

    Ocala looks pretty
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    A good day in the middle of nowhere.

    Nice story
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    How long do u stay out?

    HI tall Just curious about folks general experience . . . How long do people stay out? When so you typically travel? And where do you enjoy most during each season?
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    Photos share pictures of your buddy

    Ole puppy photo
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    Brought here by providence

    Big hearts to you. Dig it.
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    Hello thru Asheville

    Groovy, for sure. Roadtrips by car, many thru Craigslist (is this virtual hitching?), backpacking thru woods. Main inspiration is to see pretty places: mountains n trees. Love PNW, Alaska, Maine n so on. Only properly hitched once thru PNW omw to Olympic National Park.
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    Hello thru Asheville

    HI y'all, Traveling with my pup thru Asheville. ^_^ New to the STP. Digging the community.
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    Hello new to this site

    Pacific Northwest is beautiful. Olympic Peninsula has a rain forrest. If you like trees mountains and waterfalls. ^_^