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  • ironically i live in the east bay again, after a short run up there. so if you make it back down here we should hangout!
    WHOA! is that the viking homeless dude who wrote the song about Nero's exploration of the nile getting thwarted by an overgrowth of water lilies?!?!?! MAJOR awesome points for your profile picture, my brotha.
    Hey bra, happy holidays and whatnot. I saw you're interested in the LHC, and I just had to leave a comment. So what's your take, strangelets and blackholes going to destroy the planet? I wouldn't mind becoming a burning glob of strange matter...Good old quarks. Heh.
    yo ! are you still coming up to the northwest? i'll have a place starting in January, plenty of room in my garage if you need a spot to crash! not too far from the yard either.
    man that main picture you got up...is that a robot suit ....it looks ill i want to see more pictures
    hey bud. just read your call for herbal suggestions for anxiety. i would say try one or a few of these: kava, linden flower, rescue remedy (kind of expensive, but everyone i know who uses it says it works like a dream), and this one is amazing.... tea rose and chamomile. tea rose oil is best, and you'll smell like a girl, but just... huff it.
    also thank you for your posts on the ally thread you were understanding coherent and precise!
    Haha sweet, someone actually read my shit. Man, I always wanted to play a rogue in D&D. Every fucking time some scrub had to ninja it.

    For sure mang.
    hey me and my girlfriend are planning on going east from portland an saw that you were heading to pittsburgh just wondering if you wanted any company we're trying to leave as soon as we can so no time is to earlly
    ditto to emperor of the north ... got a copy if u need one
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