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  • hey -my plans keep changing but as of now im nola bound in two weeks, then back up to the NE and westbound in may. where are you at?
    pretty damn good. i just got back from the beach and i am now a sun kissed beauty haha more like shriveled red raisan. anyway i posted something on one of your threads if you didn't know. I fly back the 15th.. layover in philly, and then i fly to RDU cait's pickin me up and taking me back home so i'll see you soon!!
    And you are? I have a firm policy to not accept any requests for 'friend' unless I know a bit about the person making the request. AND, from the looks of it you, are fresh here at StP. Soooo, tell me more tell, me more.....Until then, request on hold ok...Arrow ( sorry, hope I didn't come off like some rude bitch, but us old folks get to have our own rules ya know, lol.)
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