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    Coronavirus and Hitchhiking???

    thanks for advice so far everyone!
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    Coronavirus and Hitchhiking???

    i have a feeling you have a few good stories then... hahaha
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    Coronavirus and Hitchhiking???

    So my work layed me off for a few weeks. I'm covered financially, and have no responsibility whatsoever. What better opportunity to hitchhike i would imagine. Unfortunately, there is a huge pandemic that seems to be going around. Personally, i am not worried a single bit about contracting...
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    Hello, my name is Luke

    Hello, my name is Luke. I am 27 years old. Just found this sight. I have hitchhiked once in my life a few years back. I went 250 miles one way, stayed the night in a walmart parking lot with my new car :) and drove back the next day. And i had a blast. I hope to hitchhike many more times...

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