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    Any tips for a new squat?

    yeah fer water you should check the basement and see if you can turn on the pipe flow for cold water. for con edison stuff please be prepared that if you use yer real name you will require a substancial amount of debt if you intend on staying in that squat for any real time. my electric debt is...
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    Mormons are fantastic road dogs

    Fuck yeah. Utah is beautiful and Seattle FNB is cool beans. Glad yer doing good shit and congratulations for finally letting go of all the bullshit. Welcome to STP!
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    Spices on the road

    I always keep some of those Taco Bell things and some of those little packets of maple syrup. Also if you mix Taco Bell sauce or siracha with peanut butter you can make a damn fine spicy peanut pad Thai kinda sauce for your ramen.
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    News & Blogs Top 10 Bands for Oogles, Gutterpunks and "Travel Kids"

    I think even though not all traveling kids are punks it's a very significant part of the community and Very many of us get into traveling through punk and surrounding subcultures. Also filth is the fucking best. Also I'm suprised days n daze aren't on here. They are the biggest oogle band...
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    Switchblades/automatic knifes

    I wouldn't Cary a switch because they are illegal in most states and even the ones where it's legal cops will give you shit for it (more than any other knives) and sometimes lie about its legality to try to confiscate it
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    The weapon that makes you feel safe?

    I keep a small fixed blade on my side and its relatively intimidating if taken out but is never something I'd use for self defense. Knives take skill to manouver and are generally not great weapons for people with no training but they are very intimidating and if you just want to feel safe or...
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    ?Which boot is "your" friend on the steel?

    I got kicked down a pair of grinders that I've been traveling with as of late and I really like. The soles are great on ballast and they aren't too heavy. The steel toes get pretty cold but I don't notice because I wear good socks. Plus they have had no water sneaking in and despite having...
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    rethinking of the mss

    I don't know how all you heavy packers do it I hate it if my pack ever surpasses 30 lbs. I have done the two patrol bags together thing before. It's good but is wierd packing because to take up less space you have to have them separate and that means you have to put them back together each time...
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    Easiest places to shop lift from in your opinion.

    Yeah ringing things up as potatoes is even cheaper though.
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    Easiest places to shop lift from in your opinion.

    Oh no I have been associated with hippiedom eew. Nah gotta steal markal for Puting my train tag on stuff. And sharpies for flying signs. Also they are in like every small town in the Midwest and northeast. Which is where I do a lot of my traveling.
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    Easiest places to shop lift from in your opinion.

    Yeah Walmart for sure. Most the cameras don't work and everyone there hates their job. Same thing with michaels arts and crafts. In most stores the only part with functional cameras is the jewelry so if you can steer clear of that your basically good to go.
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    2 packs, which is better for train hopping?

    That orange pack is the way to go more comfortable, good frame and more space. As far as color is concerned It will just become that muddy black brown color that all your other shit is once it's been on a few trains. An old road dog of mine traveled with an assault pack for a month and it was a...
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    Killing time on the road

    Read books. Throw rocks at stuff. Play with your dog. Sew clothes and gear. Practice embroidery to make kick ass patches.
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    I think I have too much stuff

    Ditch the sleeping bag!?!? It is fucking winter even when you get SW it is cold as fuck at night plus we don't even know this kids methods of transportation. I think sleeping bags and sturdy packs are the most important pieces of gear out there. How do you travel without one? (Not intended to...
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    I think I have too much stuff

    Please for the love of god ditch the drum you already have one instrument and it is a small one that not everybody hates. Also for sure ditch the sleeping pad (cardboard is free). If you feel comfortable without a tent I'd suggest leaving it as well because the bivy is waterproof and awesome. I...