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    Surly Troll Gravel Touring

    This is my Surly LHT from my 1300 mile tour in the southeast this spring. I'd like to try to compress my gear down more so I can try the bikepacking setups. I need thicker tires (once these marathons wear out, I'll upgrade) but this setup worked really great for me both on and off road.
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    Best place to start a blog

    Wordpress is the more 'professional' blogging platform that most tend to go for. You can either keep it simple or make it super fancy. I love playing around with the theme design for my blog. If you want something that's even more simple and straightforward, Tumblr can be great for that...
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    USMC Improved Bivy

    Thanks for the review @yoder! I've yet to really test mine out since I've been rubber tramping and housed up a lot. I'm hoping to get my bike tour in gear soon though and that should put my bivy to the test. I'm curious how it is in the heat of summer nights when there's swarms of blood-thirsty...
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    StP stickers for sale!

    So.... when are the patches gonna be available??
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    Being a Female Alone on the Road Comes With Constant Harassment

    I feel a lot safer when I have my dog with me. She's not particularly fond of strangers which makes it really nice keeping perverts the fuck away from me. She's small but goes nuts lunging, barking, growling, snarling. She scared off four cops for me a few nights ago. But I do need to work on...
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    Shower Credits

    Does it get a bit sketchy if yr giving credits to random places all over the country? Or do they not track locations? But this is so awesome! Thank you!
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    Solo Stove review (camping mostly).

    I have this stove and I fucking love it. I got it with the pot so the stove fits inside the pot. i also got a tiny alcohol stove that fits inside the stove for 15 bucks and my cooking/mess kit is contained in this little space. It's awesome. Super lightweight and the pot is quite huge. the pot...
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    StP stickers for sale!

    Guys. Best five dollars you will spend. These stickers are super high quality in both construction and design. Get 'em while they last! ;)
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    Photos My new infrequent shack

    Duuude. So much goodness in this thread. Keep on kicking ass!
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    Photos Lets see those bikes!

    Holy shit, 70 pounds is quite a lot of weight alone! A motor definitely may be a good investment on yr side. My pup is somewhere between 25-35lbs (I really need to find a scale and weigh her) and I really love the idea of a trailer as a crate almost so I can keep her safe and out of the way. I...
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    Photos Lets see those bikes!

    I've been slowly piecing this bike over three years. Last year, I scored a really cheap Surly Long Haul Trucker off Craigslist. Before that I was using an aluminum bike I found at a swap meet. Snatched the rear black Ortileb panniers for $50 off CL. Front red Arkel panniers were under a pile of...
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    USMC Improved Bivy

    Ebay is the only place I was able to find these bivys. I was looking all over for a brand new one to no avail. I bit the bullet and just ordered one this morning and will get it on Saturday so I will let ya'all know what my first impressions are, as well as how it does on the road. I contacted...
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    USMC Improved Bivy

    I actually do have a Hennessy Hammock that I scored off Craiglist for cheap a couple of years ago. It has a bug net sewed into it but I rarely use the thing, I end up sleeping on the ground with my dog. That may change when I switch from rubber tramping to bicycle touring though. I've thought...
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    USMC Improved Bivy

    So my old USGI MSS woodland bivy is kicking the bucket and I'm starting to do some research for a new one. Someone introduced me to the USMC Improved bivy and my first impression was WHY THE FUCK HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS BEFORE!? I hate mosquitos, even moreso, I hate laying in the wrong fucking...
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    Homemade saddle bags / pannier ideas ?

    Wooden racks that you can build on yr rear rack and strap shit to.....