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    whos around philly

    whos around philly
  2. Wasabi Peas

    you still lookin around in philly? get back to me if youre still trying to find a crash

    you still lookin around in philly? get back to me if youre still trying to find a crash
  3. Wasabi Peas

    Greetings from down under! Spoilt brat completely not ready for the unknown!

    "hey...bogey?...who died and made you referee"?
  4. Wasabi Peas

    Why do people try to play off liking some weird smells?....stop lying, people. I caught plenty...

    Why do people try to play off liking some weird smells?....stop lying, people. I caught plenty of you finger whiffing. EMBRACE IT!
  5. Wasabi Peas

    dead milkmen in Ardmore on Friday. woop

    dead milkmen in Ardmore on Friday. woop
  6. Wasabi Peas

    I need a job.

    I need a job.
  7. Wasabi Peas

    Being Offered Drugs on the Road

    Random walk up drug deals don't usually end well.....especially with "hard" drugs since its all cut and random shit thrown into it for most part...try to cop from people you know or your people might know of....
  8. Wasabi Peas

    reccomendtion on where to kick it in Philly, PA

    rosas does do free slices but only from 10 am-1145 am .....was all day until people took advantage. library on 20th and market has a lot of pcs for use even if you don't have card....the wooden shoe on I think 9th and south...somewhere along south st has tons of good books and whatnots to check...
  9. Wasabi Peas

    sling (not slingshot) use

    aggressive indeed! these suckers can break limbs if used properly. hunters in aboriginal Australia can use these with deadly ass accuracy and force. Its the inspiration for the tongan slingers in grrm's a song of ice and fire.
  10. Wasabi Peas

    sling (not slingshot) use

    I know it takes a lot of time and practice for this weapon, and one handy tip I was told was to aim your fist when you release in a "hook" motion...kinda hard to explain without showing you, but also flick your wrist right before release to gain a little extra velocity...just keep practicing.
  11. Wasabi Peas

    Featured Stupid things the cops have said to you?

    this isnt so much stupid as it is actually kind cool....this one cool cop got called in for me taking food from a rite aid, alot of people ask why i stayed and its because the lady didnt even give me a chance she called the cops on me as soon as she seen me enter as im banned from other rite...
  12. Wasabi Peas

    Hello from Canada!

    .....any interest in the history of American hobos? this seems like a parody of sorts which im sure some people will dig....nice cameras tho
  13. Wasabi Peas

    The receipt trick...nothing new, but if anyone was needing a quick easy buck

    this involves finding a receipt...there are tons in the trash cans out front of the rite aids and cvs....walgreens is also good they describe the items very good so its easy to find the item on the, you find a receipt (has to be paid for with cash or debit) see the items...
  14. Wasabi Peas

    Housing. How to scum the scummers?

    why not just say youre a drug addict and qualify for recovery based housing? Idk how it goes in NYC but in philly you just need a year or more of documented homelessness (shelters, etc) and have a drug addiction/mental illness....I heard that nyc has similar programs, no??
  15. Wasabi Peas

    Looking for a squat in Philly

    got a place in long is a few days? week? cant be longer than one week though, got other things going on mid april

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