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    Photos Lets see those bikes!

    bicycle is the best way to travel.
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    Rifle on the Road

    if it is for food you'll be 100x better with a pole and string for fishing.
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    Open carry machete in US

    Dont take a knife to a gun fight. That's what they say
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    Bolt Cutters are a must have

    as a bike traveler, i felt sick hearing the line about bicycle theft. Shame on you.
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    Ever get tired/bored of traveling?

    also, change the way you are travelling, it is shite to travel if you are too dependent on others on where you are going to sleep or when you are going to eat, it sucks major ass
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    Ever get tired/bored of traveling?

    definetly, there is also the wonder of being at the same place seeing the sun set and rise in the same hills, seeing the world change around you day by day. if you feel like it, do it and stop somewhere nice. If you get back on the road it will feel 10x better.
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    News & Blogs Free Pussy Riot

    Russia seems such a shitty place to live, i dont know, but it hasnt got any prettier since the soviet times
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    Fetish - let's make this clear -

    I have to disagree with you mouse, that is not the definition of fettish.
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    The Greek Thread

    I've heard first hand from a few friends that things have been gnarly in greece in the last year or so, more than the media seems to show. Shit is gonna hit the fan soon, nobody knows how hard, but me being a mild survivalist and ready to be drifting anyway seems like exciting times. But i am...
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    fucked. it's... fucked.

    In the end you are still a right wing nutjob who refuses divorce, is it. Cause it seems clear to me that you can get away from him. Hell mothers with kids, stable jobs and stuff dump their husbands all the time.
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    Pee Play

    or as someone would say, not my cup of pee
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    I need advice...ASAP

    oops slap the bitch in the face and say "Why do you have a boyfriend " She will drop her panties in two second
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    I need advice...ASAP

    Thats the attitude, and if she says no again, slap the bitch in the face.
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    Finding girls on the road (A silly but relevant thread!)

    when you are soaked wet, thinking how good that last sardine can tasted and are trying to find a good camping ground, sex can wait.
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    sucking dicks for money?

    lol this thread delivers.