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  • I like the tin can stove. Simple and light.
    Why carry around fuel when it's laying around everywhere in the form of twigs and branches?
    Haha yeah, I was planning on it. I did that at my friend's place and we'd gone through the trouble of making the tattoo gun, but realized that I'd forgotten the ink at my house and I figured I'd just pick the scab at home and do it that way. Didn't really work. But I've gone over it already and this time it turned out pretty well, haha.
    Yeah, not that different....aside from the fact that here in Canada, the winter kills.
    I have to ask, at last, are you actually in Portugal and/or Portuguese?
    How's travel out there?
    I'll just be taking short jaunts in the meantime to closer destinations, but come spring i have a few larger trips planned
    hey man, glad you liked the AT pics. thanks for checkin' em out. blessings.
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