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  • HeaRD about your current 'squaprot/unity' is that right? squatprotunity? yeah i think so, Anyways i wanna help if ya need to pop a squat, i should go through there soon if i do then i'll definateltly look over the options ya know?
    oh, my bad! I guess I shouldn't assume just 'cause you're in the group you identify as one... that's rad that you're interested in that stuff though. Glad to hear you're doing alright. Im doing good!
    Holy shit balls, we make a fanfuckintastic pie!
    Anarchy in the kitchen is THE BEST.
    I'm living in Avon Colorado and our basment mate may have got me a job cleaning a bunch of rich jamacan's houses up in the moutains.
    I'm doing really well and I miss you a lot.
    I'm pretty upset that you never call me. I've been waiting for you to call so we can catch up because keeping in contact over the internet is bull shit.
    haha, yeah im not really round there no more eaither, but they usually got baked goodies in side too, but yeah im in austin texas dunno whenim gonn be back though, mayb summer, though, prolly, an then maybe ill take you n chris aroun if youguys want, before he goes to europe or whereevernots. but yeah k tub s ht teen center thing in kirkland, sorry bout th ridiculously long commentations
    found your comments and compliments on my beads and patches, Thanks...If you get bored I have a thread of my wares that I have made for other StP-ers. search the Black Market section for 'Bragging Rights..." Thanks again for the compliments...
    I've already tried that.
    SOO many fuckin times.
    It's either a really crappy uke or there is something wrong with me.
    I bought a uke when I was in Hawaii. It's really cheepy though. More of a decoration but it's better than nothing.
    I can't get it to tune! So you'll have to do it for me?
    yeah the only chords are Am, G, F, which is the order for when he starts singing. just listen to the song and figure out which chord it is. there's only 2 or 3 progressions. there's a c somewhere in there but its optional.
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