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  • word, haha i was at folklife too. its a small world, thought it was worth a shot. thanks for passing that along, my fb is on my about me. appreciate it, safe travels.
    It was a rainbow rice crispity ball that some guy gave to us in a Taco Bell. We were just sitting there grubbing and he walked up and asked "hey, are you guys 420 friendly?" and he plopped two home-made treats on our tray, said "enjoy them!" and walked off haha it was great! They were oober good too haha
    Yeah, Kev was working as a busser in a fancy resturant called Vendetta's in Vail, and there was a pizza bar on the top level so he always brought home awesome pizza.
    And, no I have not had that beer. It sounds really good though haha. I haven't had too many beers. I don't drink often but when I do I usually drink tequilla and certain beers like rolling rock, sam adams, and pabst. I would like to try more beers, but ya know I'm only 18 and Kev is only 20 so it's difficult right at the moment haha once we start traveling it'll be easier. We're going to be couch surfing in Denver and we'll probably be drinking a lot then.
    And Blackbird Raum is an awesome band to see live. They played Folk Life last year and it was such a good show! I'd love to see them again.
    6 years! Oh my god. I am so sorry about that.
    Some cops are just horrible, power-thirsty, animals. So fucked up.

    Yeah we got so many kick downs down through Cali haha we got a weed treat kick down and we ate them on Big Sur on a cliff side called The Hippie Shower. It was the first time I'd eaten weed, and it was amazing and terrifying at the same time haha there was a little bench thing there and I didn't get off of it at all until the next morning because I was afraid I'd be a stoned idiot and fall off the cliff haha
    I miss traveling soo so much! I can't wait to get back out into the world!
    Yeep, that's the LAPD for yah..
    GED is going good. I'm taking practice tests right now and on the 20th I go in for testing.. I should pass the reading / writing / social studies / science easy but I'm worried about math. I am unbelievebly bad at algebra and geometry. And it's even worse since I've been out of school for a year.
    Aw that sounds awesome! It'd be cool to run into you there. We'll be roaming around all four days, but we are out of there right after. We don't want to stay there too long. Kev is on probation and I know a lot of really fucking stupid kids that live there so I don't want to be around them too long.. I'm from Seattle though so I'm excited to go back.
    After the Ojai show we caught a ride with a guy called Jar Jar Binx and he took us to a house where we stayed the night and the next morning he got his girl friend to drive us from Santa Barbara to Venice Beach. It was so sweet of them to do that for us.

    We would love to come back and visit again but Kev got a ticket that is now a warrant the first day we were on Venice beach for smoking 10 ft away from the designated smoking area.

    We were living out the winter in Vail Colorado. Kevin's sister got a job for him and let us rent out one of the rooms in her condo. We lived there for five months.
    I am currently in Denver trying to get my GED, and Kev is in the process of moving all our shit out of the room. But at the end of May we're out - headed for Folk Life in Seattle, then headed to Montana so we can catch our first freight over to Minneapolis.
    Yeah yeah! Hey what's up man?!
    That place was awesome. We ended up staying at The Pink Mail Box that night and made it to the next show in Ojai. We actually made it to Venice beach a couple days after we were dropped off at the Biko house.
    All the people there were so sweet.
    ha nice, nah man some bullshit happened where my camera got fukd and then it fukd some of my tapes and now I gotta find a camera that plays those vids to transfer them to a computer ://////, But yah haha i plan to hitch and hop this summer so really looking forward to it. Ive been saving up so i could have some traveling cash and still have some money to fall back on when i get back. How bout you u been hoppin and all that?
    haha yah i thought it was you but in your pictures you dont look as skinny as in person wussup?!
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