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    locking bikes up in the slabs?

    I find it comical that most of the folks commenting on this post about Slabs don't even live here. Are you planning on abandoning your bike for a week, or just locking it up for a few hours? If you are only going to be away from it for a few hours, my advice would be to find a camp that your...
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    Announcement The StP discord chat server is going semi-private

    I don't really know what I'm doing. Did my discord account get automatically connected to my StP account, or what?
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    official declaration of takeover

    Look up the Adverse Possession laws in your county; that might help.
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    Seeking Ride Anyone for Slab City??

    Slab City is obviously not for everyone, but when I first came here, I also had nothing. Slab City has given me everything I need, in one way or another. If y'all aren't shwag, come say hi to us at The Library! Also, this: DIRTY SCOUTS JAMBOREE!
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    Hello, I'm Pickles...

    Welcome! In my experience, the best way to meet up with like-minded folks is to come to the Jambo!
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    Banned Ban issued to user Valdice for being a shithead to people IRL

    Oof. I agree with the ban; this is NOT a fucking fight club Meetup site. That being said, I kinda WISH someone would try to punch me for no reason/stupid reasons. I'm quite fighty tonight. 🤘😁🤘
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    Straps and hopping

    Electrical tape works pretty well for this, too!
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    Which one is this? A 3rd introduction?

    Hmm... I don't think I was the one who first called you Toasty. I think I met you AFTER the chocolate dumpster incident, because you, me, and Kai headed out from Seattle pretty much right away.
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    We’re broke up now

    Sometimes, shit happens! 😂💩
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    We’re broke up now

    I think was a reference to @roughdraft , Lol.
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    Sorry for the absence; I'm a scatterbrained motherfucker. Currently in Portland OR for the...

    Sorry for the absence; I'm a scatterbrained motherfucker. Currently in Portland OR for the evening, heading toward Seattle. Who's around? 🤘
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    St Augustine anti-homeless group harasses StP community

    Hey look, I found the name of one of the group's organizers! Also, these names are most likely affiliated with the group as well:
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    St Augustine anti-homeless group harasses StP community

    I couldn't see the members or admins, because it's now a "closed" group, but I reported the group itself for everything except "sexual activity/nudity".
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    News & Blogs Fellow Anarchists, this is bad.

    Hey, y'all. I know that a lot of you on here are Anarchists like myself. I read this article just now, and honestly, the implications of it are a terrifying thought to me. I know it's long, but please read it, so that you all can better prepare yourselves for the inevitable...
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    black powder revolver?

    If you're doing some (long-ish-term?) camping in the woods, I would recommend trying to get your hands on one of these: It has excellent reviews, and my favorite part is that it easily breaks completely down and stores inside it's own stock...