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    Education Vs. Travel?

    lol whatd you do to get in trouble??!!
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    Hey yah Fine Folks

    hey :)
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    winter prep

    negative. pads can overheat and burn people/animals. leaving anything on while youre away, no. thats how fires start.
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    What the fuck are these ?

    those look like ant or maybe spider
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    Trapped in a prison of my mind.

    this is called ‘learned helplessness’. Read Viktor Frankl’s “Mans Search for Meaning”.
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    Hello, new here

    hi :)
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    this was one for the books

    oh yea, mr antonio banderass :D i got one to compete. i hitched through harpers ferry wv and a soccer mom with 3 screamin kids gave me a handjob in the 10 minutes it took us to get to the AT trailhead. no, that doesnt really compete with yourz. :D
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    Free McDonald's coffee for hitchhikers

    yes specially since i love being in britain, and the britz/scotz/welsh/irish, but i HATE paying 4 poundz sterling for a fukkin mediocre coffee :D
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    News & Blogs The Eight Most Annoying Travelers You’ll Meet on the Road

    Nervous Nellie and Antsy Andy. Theyre usually retired, usually upper middle class, probably trump voters... Dog walkin, curtain wigglin, trail jogging muthafukkaz. They see you takin down your tent or brewin coffee and squeal to the pigs.
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    People see what they wanna see rant

    quit fukkin apologizing. and quit talkin about trump. talking time is over. in fact, talking about shit is worthless. itz time to preemptively minority report his ass. and his stupid fukking followers at the same time.
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    Photos Which shoes?

    never mind the tims/nikes. Note my suggestion.
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    Photos Which shoes?

    no no no no no! i rock these crocs brand bootz i got at an h&m in jersey city: