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  • in south florida now. looking to head west if you are interested in a feminine travel companion.
    Well I should be heading south in the next couple days.Just met a chick new to the road and she is wanting to goto ocala then out west.But she needs to order up some gear though.So I'm gonna wait around for that to happen.What's your number so when we head south we should get together and bullshit about.Or hit the rails as one big disfunctional family since it'll be warming up soon enough.
    Dude give me your damn number.I'm wanting to head south as well.I'm currently in Ohio and I can meet ya in Philly if need be.Give me a ring.8506724456.Pretty sure I had your number but I lost it.Good lick and look forward to meeting up.
    hey send me a link to your facebook a few of them popped up when i typed your name in.
    hanging out just outside philly for the winter. if i dont pick up a dog like i want to i might be out just after christmas.
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