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  • yeah still putting things together. gave up my apartment yesterday and just have a couple days of school left then i'll have a plan put together. i probably won't be online for a few days but by then i'll know whats going on. things are looking good though. and i know what you mean. the warmer the weather gets the more pumped i get to hit the road. anyways i'll get back to you next week.
    Nice, how long are you staying and where in particular are you headed? The end of April is when I've been planning to hit the road through the states actually but things are still pretty vague. I'll have a better idea of what's going on in a couple weeks. I'll let you know. I would be up for a little if I'm around. You should consider a tour south as well. I've been looking for company. haha
    Wow, I didn't think there were that many people around here hopping out of these yards either. Cause it wasn't me. ha ha. That's cool to know though.
    I've only been in Moncton for one summer but this summer I'll keep my eyes open for her. I plan on doing a trip in the states this summer but I very well could be around when you pass through. Just send me a message when you know when you'll be passing through. I could join you on a hop through NB
    So did you have any trouble catching out? There is a spot just outside the yard with woods on either side of the track where west bound trains from Hali stop for an hour or so before moving on to Edmundston and Montreal. Perfect spot for getting on unseen.
    I'm looking to go through the states in spring... by rail as much as possible but looking for ppl that can help me out a little. i hear portland oregon is a good starting point going south to cali. i wouldn't mind trying that. you should consider a trip as well
    hey man, you've got some awesome pictures as well. Hopping in BC must be wicked. I hope to get out there soon. How do you find it there anyways, easier or harder than in the east !?
    not altogether too sure yet. i have plans alright but none of them fit in a definite itinerary. me and Cale are gonna ride probably at least as far as Winnipeg where i'm meeting up with another person and going to newfoundland. i don't even know when i'm gonna be pulling up my stakes and getting on the road
    haha anytime, water is dead necessary! thanks for being so much fun on the walk down st. cats. what are your plans for the coming season?
    few hours north, closer to williams lake. im visint my granny cause shes 92 or 94 or something, fuckin old either way and i wanna get some quality time with her before she drops.
    aw hey dude, yeah im back in BC up in the chilcotin region. just playing with my pup and pickin my mandolin. gonna go back down to the fraser valley round new years and.. well.. do as little as possible.
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