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    Free xfinity wifi 4/12-4/19

    I've never made a theead on here before and since the subject matter is temporary if it has to be deleted or whatever I'll snap to it. Eh anyways this is temporary but if you can get to a hotspot there's an free trial set up for easter by xfinity. So just pull it up and give them an email and...
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    Does anyone know the origin of the squatters rights symbol

    It reminds me of the anarchy symbol, (the n not being contained to the circle) first thing that comes to my mind is "inside out" getting inside to squat, getting back out to trot Sent from my iPhone using Squat the Planet Mobile
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    Hail Eris all Hail Discordia

    I don't know man, that's a three pronged full circle there that is. Can I trust it!?
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    Hail Eris all Hail Discordia

    Nothing is true! Everything is permissible!
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    Hello Friends!

    Heading south out of mass, I'm off to virginia then South Carolina and then west west west! Haha running with this name for a bit, I want to write it all out and paint some towns. Too many months have been wasted living in my hobbit hole