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    What are some strategies to bridge the gap betwee my vision and my work?

    100% what Yody said. The ability to shut off that critical function in your brain is gonna take a lot of short starts and pressing ons. Expect to fail, but don't give up. At some point you'll realize that you regularly get lost in drawing, and outside thoughts aren't as much of a distraction...
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    What are some strategies to bridge the gap betwee my vision and my work?

    Yeah, sharing space with others like that can be hard. Possibly build a little shed? Strictly used for your art.
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    What are some strategies to bridge the gap betwee my vision and my work?

    Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The author is Mormon, but don't let that bias you! The whole bit on time management, where he has you put things into different boxes of importance is pretty enlightening. More enlightening than it sounds. It's a classic among self help books. You're...
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    just a stupid lonely kid

    Dogs are good. Also, make sure you have an outlet, some hobby you make yourself stick to, otherwise you might stagnate and that'll just add to your loneliness. Control what you can to keep your energy as good as you can, and you'll end up meeting better people than you would have otherwise. And...
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    NorCal suggestions?

    To quote myself, "sometimes". I got the impression this guy is going solo. That increases the odds. But yeah, I think it mostly happens in areas where people have taken over.
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    NorCal suggestions?

    Also, I'm sure you're already aware of... cougars? They eat people, sometimes.
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    NorCal suggestions?

    There's people that live in the redwoods out near Arcata. I think mostly hippy types. Year round, so remote enough for that, or else forestry service let's them be, Idk. Haven't been out there myself, but one lady I grew up with lives out there.
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    First track of one of a solid album. [MEDIA]

    First track of one of a solid album.
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    What are you listening to right now?!!!

    Album: Heaven or Las Vegas. Some of the prettiest ethereal shit. Kinda like one or two Cranberries songs I can't think of at the moment. Here's the first track.
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    Free Love and Orgies?

    That sounds like a good place to be. To many people get stuck on the supposed opportunities/freedom that the road will provide that they neglect everything around them. And then they hit the road and the homeless aspects of it really sink in for the first time. It can be lonely out there too.
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    Free Love and Orgies?

    I've heard people say that the difference between good times and bad times is that in bad times we feel we have no options, while in good times we feel we do. @Wheat2020 I think that fits with what you said about loneliness. For myself, I don't do relationships or sex. I have fleeting crushes...
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    Greatest backpack ever made?

    If you want that kind of "suitcase access", consider the Kelty Redwing. It comes in multiple sizes. 50 liter is the largest. I got it used (brand new condition, though) on Amazon for 50 bucks. I think they retail at 140 or 150 or something.
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    Banned BrianC503 for idiotic alt-right statements

    THIS Ultimately, I don't care about arguments of what these people *deserve*. What they deserve isn't necessarily what's productive. It can potentially be counterproductive. I'm not advocating anyone go out and befriend kkk members, but that's what this dude did... And it worked. That...
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    What are you listening to right now?!!!

    My taste in music shifts around, but I just started getting back into ebm (electric body music -subgenre of industrial) D.A.F. and Nitzer Ebb so far are my two favorites. ("All Over" by Nitzer Ebb is a killer track) NIN brought this genre to the mainstream over 10 years after it began. I like...
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    The REAL American Currency? [mainly just musing]

    Ooooh, yeah, I only edit my posts to correct a word, spelling mistake, or rephrase a sentence. I hit the "agree" response on that post, like what if you'd added something atrocious to it after I did that? 😄 Or what if I just missed a good part of the exchange? It's easier for everyone if you...

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