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  • yes, research is my middle name....if i'd done more as a young'un i don't think life would have kicked my a** as bad as it did
    Overland Route is down as of around Midnight last night. Derailment in Laramie country. 2 dead. Larger thread in Hopping section.
    Enjoying the Constant cash of harvest season in Ephrata, PA. 13 an hour pickin' fruit for some old dude. His wife makes free Hot Cocoa too.
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    Nice! Did you find it on the ground, or online?
    Ground, was gonna leave town but walked past the guy's farm and saw the sign. Too easy money to pass up.
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    Anyone know that Status of UP's Feather River Canyon/Keddie Wye Route, I heard it was closed but haven't been able to find anything on it...
    road it in august. so as far as I know it's open and active UP line for unit grains, autos, and the long long daily NPRV. pretty much a wbd only line, where subs east of keddie is concerned, that is. bnsf may or may not still use keddie for north-south traffic btwn stockton and klamath.. I wouldn't know about that part.
    So I take it you went from East --> West. Where'd you hop on and get off? I'm looking around for Info but I've come up desert dry. Most everything is nostalgia from the WP days down there...
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