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    Video Super dope NYC undercity (known?)

    Its been in the video section of this site since it was a section last month. Great video though!!
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    Finally leaving this suburban dump town tomorrow!

    Finally leaving this suburban dump town tomorrow!
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    personal ecperiences with tinder on road

    Damn thats some crazy shit from both of you. I really hope nothing like that ever happens to me. Last year i met one of my all time best friends ever @Unlessisinfinite on okcupid and she housed me up in Tucson right after i got there. I stayed at her place for 4 months while i worked ,and now...
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    Getting Free Shit...All...The...Time...

    I like this and other peoples philosophies on here. I think thats the way to go just accept what you can and give what you can. Awesome dudes!
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    Getting Free Shit...All...The...Time...

    Thanks guys glad im not the only one who thinks of these things. I've definitely had to give away food too, cuz it was more than I wanted to carry. This all reminds me of how I forgot to donate to stp this last time off the road :eek:. I'll get around to it though haha
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    Getting Free Shit...All...The...Time...

    So maybe I'm talking to the wrong crowd here, but does anyone ever feel exhausted from being on the receiving end of free shit when traveling? On my way back to Wa this year I scored a Canon 40D and a pair of brand new combat boots that I later found out to be worth 200 buckaroos. That on top of...
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    Anyone get taken in on the road?

    I've been taken in like twice other than couchsurfing. Mostly cuz I've turned down some offers cuz I wasn't sure about the people/have other plans. I've been taken out to eat here and there though. Sounds like you hit the mother load though congrats!
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    New bike tourer in town

    Ya I guess the author and company of the ccg don't want it running wild through the streets/online, so this site respects that. I can tell you that is kinda nifty and can tell you which rail is the mainline and where it goes. There's also a recent thread about determining the...
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    New bike tourer in town

    Welcome to Squat! You seem like a well accomplished Vagabond! Goodluck on the rails, but I wouldn't bother asking people for the CCG on here. Its against the rules to ask for it, but maybe someone will give you it once you get to know each other though. Good luck and nice pics!
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    Has anyone plane hopped

    There are a handful of people who have tried to hop planes by climbing up the wheels before they go up with mostly very bad results. You'd have to be a complete moron or extremely extremely desperate to do it, so obviously don't even think about it.
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    What do STPers do in winter months?

    I'm gonna spend most of my time working in Tucson like I did last year and take a short trip to NOLA. I should be able to save enough money to not have to work for spring and summer. Gonna live in a cave this spring and ride trains in the summer! Fuck winter though..
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    Moments that made everything worth it?

    Pretty much anytime i get settled in for the night on a good rooftop that im not supposed to be sleeping on or anytime im on a freight. Actually im usually pretty stoked to be traveling no matter what im doing.
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    Looking for road dawg/s or anyone who wants to chillit in/around washington!!

    I'm actually going to Omak to stay with my dad in a few weeks, but it sounds like you might be gone by then. I'm in Marysville now.
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    Climbing up the fuckin walls

    Climbing up the fuckin walls
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    Looking to go West. Recommendations?

    The Olympic Rainforest in Wa is nice. Wa has alot of nice scenery and camping. Seattle is cool too.